There Won't Be Marvel TV Shows on Netflix Soon

Posted 2017/11/11 0 0

But you can always watch them here, so worry not!


With their own streaming service launch on the horizon, Disney has announced they will no longer develop new Marvel series for Netflix. According to The Wall Street Journal, Disney Chief Strategy Officer Kevin Mayer confirmed the news, insisting that the House of Mouse's plans were 'pro-Disney' rather than 'anti-Netflix'.

"[W]e've turned our attention to the one platform seeing growth challenges," he explained. "That's the television platform."

Disney had already confirmed that it would be moving all of its Star Wars properties onto their own service when it airs, and now we can add the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the growing list of Disney content that will be migrating to the new platform. Disney has not yet commented if the shows that are already airing on platforms, like Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, The Punisher, or even Hulu’s new The Runaways, will remain on those platforms or eventually make the move to the Disney-only service too, but that would seem to be the logical next step.

However, the Netflix deal allowed the MCU to tackle characters and stories they would never touch in their family-friendly films, and with all new Marvel shows being limited to Disney’s streaming service and networks like ABC and Freeform, it’s unlikely we’ll see any more like them. That’s where the notion of Netflix keeping their current shows alive, including spinoffs, comes in. It’s not a crazy idea; Netflix would continue to benefit from new Marvel material, the MCU could spin out more street-level heroes, and Disney keep some distance from the violent material while still reaping the reward of their success.