10 Famous Actors Who Almost Played Spider-Man

Posted 2017/07/10 2286 0

Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jake Gyllenhaal had chances to put on the Spiderman suit.


1. Tom Cruise

Back in the mid-80s Tom Cruise was just coming into his role as one of Hollywood’s leading men, and that’s just when Cannon Films was looking for their Spider-Man upon buying the rights from Marvel. Cannon went so far as to scout locations, commission storyboards and hire a director — Tobe Hooper of Texas Chainsaw Massacre fame. Imagine Cruise and Hooper doing a Spider-Man. Now try to get that out of your head.


2. Leonardo DiCaprio

Following the enormous success of James Cameron’s Titanic, Sony Pictures wanted to capitalize on the actor’s fame, so they approached him for the part. DiCaprio had previously worked with Raimi on The Quick and the Dead, a Western film that was also a product of Sony Pictures, which could have boosted the studio’s interest in the actor. Despite that, DiCaprio never got too close to getting the part. He never screen-tested for the role because he felt that he wasn’t ready to put on a superhero suit at the time.


3. James Franco

Franco played Harry Osborn in Sam Raimi’s films, but he originally auditioned for, and came close to getting, the title role.


4. Jake Gyllenhaal

There has been a joke that has been going around for a long time about how much Tobey Maguire and Jake look alike. They even starred in a movie together playing brothers, which was actually called Brothers. But surprisingly enough, Gyllenhaal almost played Spider-Man as well when Tobey Maguire got injured while filming the movie.


5. Alden Ehrenreich

Not only did Alden lose the role of Spidey, he also lost out on Harry Osborne as well. He did manage to land a major role in Beautiful Creatures and a few indie movies, but is still looking for that break-out role.


6. Anton Yelchin

Another actor who went from losing one blockbuster role to gaining another one. After Yelchin lost out on Spidey, he landed the role of Chekov in the Star Trek reboot.


7. Logan Lerman

After carrying the big budget Percy Walker movie, for awhile, Logan was considered to have a virtual lock on the role of Spider-man in the reboot. It must suck to not get a role after you're considered to be the frontrunner. But even better than playing Spider-Man has to be acting oppsite Emma Watson in The Perks of Being a Wallflower.


8. Josh Hutcherson

This Hunger Games star was neck and neck with Andrew Garfield to play Peter Parker in the revamped Amazing Spider-Man movie, even going so far as to do a screen test with Emma Stone. But that’s precisely when Garfield nabbed it, leaving Hutcherson free to do Hunger Games.


9. Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Aaron Taylor-Johnson made a name for himself playing the eponymous hero of Kick-Ass, and that made him a prime candidate to play Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man. He made it onto one of the shortlists, but as far as we know, he never moved to the screen-testing stage.


10. Asa Butterfield

Before Tom Holland's casting was announced, it was reported that the Spidey-shortlist had been whittled down to just two candidates...one of whom was Butterfield. For a while, the London-born star of Martin Scorsese's Hugo and Tim Burton's Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children was even said to be the frontrunner for the part.