10 Interesting Facts about Spider-Man that Not Everyone Knows

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Spider-Man is a member of the most famous superhero groups in Marvel Cinematic Universe such as Avengers, X-Men and even Fantastic Four.


No exaggeration to say that Spider-Man is one of the most famous superhero in the Marvel universe. Not only possessing amazing superpowers, he also owns very cool characteristics portrayed in the comics and films, that win millions of hearts all around the world. Even when you are a huge fan of Spider-Man, are you sure you know everything about him yet?


1. He Has Had 4 Girlfriends So Far

Given how well-known Spider-Man is, it’s no wonder that he’s had several major love interests over the years. Obviously, the one woman he was always destined to be with is Mary Jane Watson. They have been through some tough times together, but no matter what, they always end up back together.

While MJ may be Peter’s one true love, there have been several other women who have left a huge impression on the young hero. One woman who came to a tragic ending during her relationship with Peter was NYPD Captain Jean DeWolff. Jean was murdered by Sin-Eater, her lover, but she was truly in love with Spider-Man.

The second most famous Spider-Man love interest is Gwen Stacy. Many of us remember her from either The Amazing Spider-Man 2 or the famous storyline The Night Gwen Stacy Died. She was dropped off the George Washington Bridge by Green Goblin, and Spider-Man wasn’t able to save her. The devastation he felt from her death shaped Peter from that moment on.


2. He Was a Member of Fantastic Four

At the time, they called it the Future Foundation, not the Fantastic Four. Shortly after the death of the Human Torch and the reinstatement of the Thing, the remaining members of the group came together with an idea. During the reading of the will of Johnny Storm, Peter Parker was inducted to take his place on the team. At the same time, Reed was formulating a plan to put together a group of brilliant minds to start working toward a better future for all of mankind. When Spider-Man joined the team, they gave him a new suit, black and white, based on new improvements in the field of unstable molecular technology. This technology prevented the costume from ever getting dirty, and Spidey had the further ability to change into the classic red and blue suit or civilian clothes with his mind.


3. Tony Stark Made Him a Special Uniform

After Peter Parker was resurrected from a battle to the death against Morlun, his friend and teammate Tony Stark built him a new suit, using Stark Tech, and obviously influenced by the colors of Stark's Iron Man Armor.

Peter Parker abandoned this armor when he changed sides during the super heroic Civil War, from the pro-Registration unit (led by Iron Man) to the anti-Registration side, the Secret Avengers (led by Captain America).

In the aftermath of the Civil War, after the Superhuman Registration Act was made law, Iron Man upgraded this armor and gave it to each member of the Scarlet Spiders, a team of super heroes with the task to supplant the original outlaw Spider-Man after his powers were removed from him, along the powers of the rest of the unregistered heroes. Patrick is the only survivor of the three.

Using his resources at Parker Industries, Spider-Man has recreated this armor.


4. His True Identity Wasn't Always a Secret

Another Civil War fact involves Spider-Man’s secret identity. During the series, Peter Parker actually revealed himself to the world and removed his mask on live television. This major event served as the centerpiece of the story and made a major impact on the world. Luckily, Doctor Strange was able to tamper with people’s mind so they would forget that Parker had revealed himself!


5. Peter Parker Was Also Four Other Superheroes

At one point in his life, Spider-Man was being hunted by the police after being framed by Norman Osborne for murder. Unable to operate as Spider-Man, Peter donned four costumes, all with their own weapons and abilities, Ricochet and Dusk, who posed as criminals, and Hornet and Prodigy, who acted as heroes. He used the two criminal personas to traverse the underground supervillain community, searching for clues as to who set him up, while the other two fought to ensure the city’s safety. In the final fight of the story line, Peter used not one, but all four of these costumes to fight and confuse his foes, all the while using these new identities to expose his enemies and clear his name. After Spider-Man was able to use his own identity again, the other four identities were used, at some time or another, for other characters.


6. He Was Nearly a TV Star

After being bitten by a spider, one of the first things Peter Park did is to fight a famous wrestler. With an agent, a costume, and a new name, Spider-Man became an overnight sensation on television. Unconcerned with the rest of the world, he vowed to use his powers only to take care of himself and his aunt and uncle. However, things end quickly when he finds out the murder who killed Uncle Ben and decides to become a superhero.


7. He Used to Produce His Own Webbing

The movies didn’t get it completely wrong, at one point in his timeline, Spider-Man was able to shoot his own webbing. At some point during his career, he developed glands in his forearms that allowed him to produce and shoot webbing the same way that the web shooters had. During this time, he gave his web slingers to Mary Jane to wear as bracelets in case she ran into trouble. Around the same time, he encountered a villain called the Queen (during the Spider-Island timeline) who mutated his strength and other skills to a much higher level. The upgrades included a pair of stingers that grew beneath his forearms, near-psychic spider-senses, and increased strength. Unfortunately, the story line of “One More Day” seems to have recanted this, along with other upgrades like fangs and stingers, probably due to fan request.


8. He Works Alongside the X-Men

In recent comic books, Spider-Man has been sent infiltrating the ranks of the X-Men. Under the direction of Wolverine, Spider-Man is sent to the Jean Grey Institute of Higher Learning to unravel a villainious plot taking place. Peter Park is not met with a warm welcome but eventually discovers that villains Sauron and Stegron are behind the trouble.


9. His Parents Worked For S.H.I.E.L.D.

Fans always knew that Peter Parker was an orphan, but it was revealed in the late '60s that there was more to his parents than meets the eye. Richard and Mary Parker were revealed to be government agents, serving as heroes long before their son suited up as Spider-Man. Funnily enough though, the duo were also responsible for the first team-up between Spidey and Wolverine.

A pregnant Mary and her husband actually saved Wolverine during one mission, but they were later killed by the Red Skull after their son was born. Robot versions of these two were introduced at one point, but the less said about that story, the better.


10. He’s Been Rebooted As A Man Named Miles Morales

Two months before Peter’s death and Norman Osborne’s arrest, a young thief named Miles breaks into the now-abandoned Oscorp. After stealing a spider, he gets bit and manifests similar powers to the original Spider-Man. Taking this as a sign, he decides to clean up his act and redeem his criminal past by protecting the city. After helping the Avengers defeat Electro, he was granted the mantle of Spider-Man from Spider-Woman and given a tape by Scorpion that teaches him to fight like Spider-Man. The biggest difference between Miles and Peter was possibly Miles’s Venom Blast, which was distinctly different from the web blasts that came from Peter’s web shooters. Oddly enough, it is later revealed that Mile Morales and Superior Spider-Man (Otto Octavius) at one point team up to fight side by side.