10 Touching Korean Movies Based On True Stories

Posted 2017/07/31 2722 0

Not everyone knows that these movies are based on true stories or inspired by real life people.


1. Because I Love You (2017)

After an accident, a songwriter finds himself transformed into a powerful messenger of love, capable of connecting people together.


2. Last Princess (2016)

Princess Deokhye is taken to Japan as a hostage. As she struggles to maintain hope, her childhood friend travels to Japan on a mission to bring her back to Korea.


3. Himalayas (2015)

Mountaineer Hong-Gil Um sets out to climb Mt. Everest to retrieve his junior climbing partner's body.


4. Hope (2013)

Tragedy of a 8 year old girl coping with a gruesome rape damaging her internally and affecting emotionally tries to overcome all obstacles that are about to happen in her life aftermath of the incident with a good support from her family and those around her.


5. Don’t Cry Mommy (2013)

The film tells the story about You-lim whose only daughter Eun-ah commits suicide after a rape by a group of male students. Because all of the suspects are minors, they can leave without the possibility of punishment by law. You-lim is so full of anger that she seeks out revenge on her own.


6. Han Gong Ju (2014)

Han Gong-Ju transfers to a new school to escape her past. It takes a long time for hers troubled past to catch up with her, but when it does the revelation is devastating.


7. My Brilliant Life

Dae-soo and Mi-ra have Ah-reum when they are 17. Ah-reum is diagnosed with progeria, and as his body rapidly ages, his finds comfort in writing a story about how his young parents fell in love.


8. Cart (2014)

The employees of a large retail discount store band together to combat the company's exploitative practices.


9. Silenced (2011)

Gang In-ho uncovers sexual and physical abuse at a school for hearing impaired children. With the help of a human rights activist, Gang fights against the community to expose the abuse and put a stop to it.


10. Memory of Murder (2003)

In 1986, Park (Song Kang-ho) and Cho (Kim Roi-ha) are two simple-minded detectives assigned to a double murder investigation in a South Korean province. But when the murderer strikes several more times with the same pattern, the detectives realize that they are chasing the country's first documented serial killer. Relying on only their basic skills and tools, Park and Jo attempt to piece together the clues and solve the case in this thriller based on true events.