Netflix Confirms 'Bright' Sequel With Will Smith

Posted 2018/01/04 0 0

Despite the film being panned by critics...


Maybe it is a good move, what can be worse than the title “the worst movie of the year” that was granted to Bright? The streaming giant ordered a sequel before the film even premiered, and was soundly drubbed by critics, then confirmed the news on Wednesday, revealing that Will Smith and Joel Edgerton will return to star in the second film, while David Ayer will return to write and direct the sequel. Eric Newman and Bryan Unkeless are also set to produce. A release date for the upcoming sequel has not yet been announced.

“Bright” stars Smith and Edgerton as two LAPD police officers, one human, one orc, respectively, who are paired together in an alternate universe populated by fantastical creatures in addition to humans. Bright cost the streaming service $90 million (£66m) to make but was panned by critics for its heavy-handed social commentary, which drew parallels between real-life class and racial divisions and the tension between the different races of mythical creatures in the film. Phrases like "visually grotesque", "dreadfully dull" and "astoundingly bad in virtually every way" used in reviews. One critic even claimed Bright killed off the buddy cop genre. Variety‘s Peter Debruge gave the film a glowing review, however, referring to it as Netflix’s “best original movie to date.”

Why then is Netflix moving forward with a sequel? Likely because 11 million subscribers watched Bright within just three days, making it the most-watched Netflix movie in history. It’s a movie that represents Netflix’s first real attempt to branch out not only into Hollywood blockbuster territory, but also into making a film series and potentially a cinematic universe. Given its critical reception and divisive fan response, the sequel will have a lot riding on it.