21 Facts about Marvel’s Superheroes that Just a Few Know!

Posted 2016/07/09 5160 0

The characters are even more interesting than what we know about them in the films!


1. In 1981, 16 year old Robert Downey Jr. served one day of suspension from high school after snatching a comic book from the hands of a classmate and ripping it to shreds while calling him a nerd. The comic book was " The Invincible Iron Man".

2. Wolverine is well-known as a loner, however he joins plenty of superhero teams more than anyone else. Maybe because he knows how it feels to be lonely most?

3. Peter Parker grew up at 20 Ingram Street, Forest Hills, Queens. And in fact, there were the Parkers living these since 1974.

4. With the role of Groot, Vin Diesel had to record more than 1000 times "I am Groot" for the English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, German, Frenc, etc versions.

5. Iron Man Armor is made of about 450 different pieces, not less colorful and complicated than the one in the comic book.

6. The real age of Natalia Romanova, a.k.a Black Widow, is 70.

7. Chris Evans turned down the role of Captain America 3 times before being convinced. Thank you again for your efforts, the producers!

8. There are more than 30 Mjolnirs used as props in Thor: The Dark World,.

9. King of Pop Michael Jackson attempted to buy Marvel in the early 90's in the hope of producing a film and star Spider Man.

10. Deadpool was created by Marvel as a ripoff of DC's villain Deathstroke. Even their names are quite similar, Wade Wilson and Slade Wilson.

11. Digital technology was used to diminish the body of Chris Evan in Captain America: The First Avenger. Lucky for him, it would be terrible to lose weight that much!

12. Captain America's enemy, Red Skull, was created after Joe Simon, the author of the comics, saw a cherry in his ice cream cup and thought of a skull.

13. The chemicals used to apply on Rebecca Romijn, Mystique, made her throw up all over Hugh Jackman. Maybe that's the reason why Jennifer Lawrence is extremely afraid of it?

14. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, if you look closely, you will see the logo of Stark Industries on the Falcon's flight suit.

15. The Punisher was initially created as a villain in Spider-Man, but then this character got his own series.

16. You might not know that Tony Stark (Iron Man) is not the richest one in Marvel Universe. The title belongs to Black Panther, who owns the total asset 5 times more than Stark's, $500 billion.

17. While Stan Lee created Spider-Man, he thought that it would be a failure because no one likes either teenage superheroes or spiders.

18. Captain America often thinks that he is not so brilliant but in fact he is a genius. He can use Iron Man Armor, Thor's hammer and is one of the two foreign trustees to use Black Panther's technology.

19. Wolverine not only owns an immortal body but also detects liars easily.

20. The Incredible Hulk was originally gray, not green. Because of some printing error, he stays green until now.

21. Venom was originally created as a female character but its gender was changed later. The reason was that "readers will not see women as a threat" to Spider-Man. Well, see how Mary Jane drives Peter crazy!