5 Reasons Why Iron Man Can Beat Captain America in Civil War

Posted 2016/04/24 4561 0

In the latest article, we list down 5 reasons why Captain American can be the winner, and in this one, we will see why there are many chances Iron Man’s team can defeat Captain America.

1. Iron Man Wins in the Comics

In the comics Civil War by Mark Millar published in 2006, Iron Man basically wins. That is not really a winning because in fact, Captain America surrenders because he realizes that the war is against the interests of people. This would be a feasible way that the film will end.

2. Supported by the Government

Iron Man will be supported fully by the government in the war against Captain America. It also means that he can use the military and its weapons. Do you remember how Hydra chases Capt and Black Widow in The Winter Soldier? Well, this time might be much tougher for Capt. One of the precious things Iron Man did not have is the government's support, and now he has it. Steve and his gang should watch out, the government is very powerful, so don't underestimate their potential.

3. Iron Man is Not Wrong

Tony Stark is a good guy and he will never ever do anything bad. Although he once accidentally created Ultron and sometimes he is a bit arrogant, but he did not do them intentionally. Iron Man is not a villain, he just puts the interests of people before those of his teammates. Captain America generally don't mind that thousands of people died in battles, he only cares about those who are alive and need help. Moreover, Steve Rogers is a soldier, he always looks at the bigger picture of freedom and willing to fight for it.
Iron Man, on the other hand, had to face traumatic symptoms after the battle in New York and he keeps blaming himself on Ultron case. This time, supporting the government is a good thing to do, he comes to realize that superheroes should be limited and monitored, they should not use their powers to do harm to others. The Sokovia incident happened partly due to the fault of Tony, therefore, he will do just anything to avoid something like it.

4. Great Squad

We can't deny that Iron Man's team is stronger than Capt.'s. Look at the squad of Capt.: Firstly, Hawkeye, Black Widow once defeated Hawkeye in a battle before. Ant-Man does not have much fighting experience, and his shrinking ability might prove useless when facing the precise laser technology of Iron Man. Anyway, he is still better than Falcon. Scarlet Witch and Bucky are not mentally stable, therefore they might cause troubles for the whole team.
Meanwhile, Iron Man has a fleet of dozens of armors available to sacrifice for him. The Vision used to beat Ultron easily. Black Panther and Spider-Man are both pros in fighting. If Iron Man knows how to disable Scarlet Witch, then Capt.'s squad is doomed!

5. Money

With his own fortune and funding from the government, Iron Man can afford to feed the whole world. And he is willing to spend it up only to catch one man! In order to do it, Tony can create hundreds of armors and he even defeated Hulk with his advanced armor. He will upgrade all team members' weapons. Money is one kind of super power!