5 Reasons Why Jungle Book Wins Big at the Box Office!

Posted 2016/04/21 4045 0

Why can the animated film roar to the top of the box office at this moment? And here are 5 reasons!

1. Marketing

Not only using traditional marketing methods such as poster, teaser, trailer, etc, the filmmakers of Jungle Book also asked for permission from the authorities to build a forest similar to the one in the film at a warehouse in Los Angeles and open it for audiences to visit. Especially, we can ourselves experience the forest with photorealistic animals. It will make people more curious, which leads them to the ticket booth.

2. 3D and IMAX

There are plenty of people willing to pay extra to see "Jungle Book" in an enhanced format in order to feel the spectacular action scenes in better quality. Specifically, it helped that 75 percent of North American theaters showing "Jungle Book" screened it in 3D. A healthy 43 percent of the movie's opening-weekend sales came from 3D tickets. It was also playing on 376 IMAX screens, good for $10.4 million, amounting to 10 percent of the total gross, and scoring another April record for a Disney feature.

3. Timing

To the Hollywood filmmakers, the best time to release blockbusters is from May. However, there are many exceptions such as Winter Soldier (4/4/2014), Fast & Furious 7 (3/4/2015) and now Jungle Book (15/4/2016).

That is the clear example of standing out the crowd.

4. Weak Competition

According to the assessment, the current competitors of Jungle Book don't have much a chance to turn on the table.

Last weekends, Jungle Book achieved the revenue of more than $70 million in just 2 days. Meanwhile, the other films such as Barbershop: The Next Cut, Criminal got only $20.2 million and $5.9 million respectively.

5. Four-quadrant Audience Appeal

Although Jungle Book is an animated film, the analysis shows that 43% of the audience is adults (without children along). An animated that attracts both children and adults must be a movie we should not miss!

The Jungle Book is directed by Jon Favreau, written by Justin Marks and produced by Walt Disney Pictures, starring and introducing Neel Sethi as Mowgli, an orphaned human boy who, guided by his animal guardians, sets out on a journey of self-discovery while evading the threatening Shere Khan. The film also features the voices of Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley, Idris Elba, Lupita Nyong'o, Scarlett Johansson, Giancarlo Esposito and Christopher Walken.