Paranormal Activity Reboot Could Happen Soon at Blumhouse

Posted 2017/10/07 0 0

It looks like Blumhouse Pictures would be open to a Paranormal Activity reboot, if writer Christopher Landon has an idea for one.


Blumhouse Productions head honcho Jason Blum has been busy promoting the studio’s latest horror film, Happy Death Day, and in an interview with Brazil’s Cinepop, the producer and studio executive was asked about the prospect of more PA films, to which he revealed there are no plans for a new flick, but that if Landon had an idea for a reboot, he would be all ears: “Paranormal Activity is on hiatus, but if Chris over here, who’s done four Paranormal Activity movies – if he has an idea to reboot it, we’re very open to hearing it.”

What is surprising, however, is that this comes so soon after he said it was time to retire it. If you recall, just a few years ago, when The Ghost Dimension premiered, the Blumhouse Productions head honcho said the following:

It felt like we posed a lot of questions and I was tired of doing that. There was a fatigue in the audience that was like, “Stop teasing us, we want answers.” It’s hard to give answers and keep going so it felt like a natural time to wrap it up. Most horror franchises, they just stop when the last one doesn’t make any money.

That’s just sad and it leaves a bad taste in your mouth about the whole series. I really didn’t want to do that with this. Paramount was very agreeable to that notion. They came to the same conclusion themselves so we really are agreed about it. It’ll give Paranormal Activity a better cultural impact without grinding it into the ground.

The original Paranormal Activity remains one of the most financially successful movies ever made, costing a mere $15,000 to make and grossing a grand total of $193.4 million. In all, the series has made $890.5 million worldwide across six movies, all of which were made for very small budgets. So even though there were serious signs of franchise fatigue with 2015's Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, Jason Blum's response to Cinepop is perfectly understandable from a business perspective. As it stands, Christopher Landon doesn't appear to have any other major projects lined up, so he should have some time to get an idea together, if he feels the need or gets a sudden burst of inspiration.