9 Easter Eggs You Might Have Skipped in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Posted 2016/06/13 4897 0

The latest installment of the Mutant Ninja Turtles contains many interesting details that just a few fans can discover!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows has just been released and considered better than the previous film. However, while enjoying the spectacular action scenes, you might have skipped some of these interesting details.

(Mild Spoiler Warning)


1. The Pizza Deliverer

At the beginning of the film, when the turtles are on the way to Madisons Square Gardens to watch a basketball match, they stop to pick up a pizza from a man waiting for them at the corner. It seems like the man has often "do business" with them, therefore, before leaving, Michelangelo says: "Thanks Kevni, see you next week!". That man is actually Kevin Eastman, one of the two who created the characters, who has been a bit more supportive of the modern reboot than his partner, Peter Laird.


2. Special Guest

When Michelangelo decides to join Halloween festivities in New York, he meets a small yellow car on the road. The car later transforms into Bumblebee, a character from Transformers, the extremely popular series by Michael Bay. This is an interesting cameo when Bay is also the producer for Ninja Turtles. The transforming sound effect of Transformers is even featured in that segment.


3. The Future of Dr. Baxter Stockman

When making Bebop and Rocksteady become mutants, Dr. Baxter Stockman says that many different animals have evolved into humans, and in each of us, there is still recessive genes from our ancestral mammals. Therefore, Bebop evolves into a boar while Rocksteady into a rhino. In the animated version, Dr. Baxter Stockman also uses that drug, only realize that his ancestor is a... fly.


4. The Turtle Van

When discovering the escape plan of Shredder, our Ninja Turtles chase him in a garbage van, but in fact, the van is an advanced one with many interesting technology by Donatello. This van is also the vehicle for the team in the comics and animated film and it has become a popular toy. The manhole cover shooting weapon in the film is actually adapted from the toy.
Besides, "Tartaruga Brothers" means Turtle Brothers (Tartaruga means turtles in Portugese and Italian).


5. Casey Jones' License Plate

In one scene, we can see clearly that Casey Jones' license plate is "MIRAGE84". It's an interesting easter egg because it bears the message “MIRAGE84″, a pretty blatant reference to Mirage Comics, the publishing label founded by the creators, and 1984, the year the very first issue of the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” hit store shelves.


6. The TCRI “Ooze”

The return of TCRI Laboratories to the movies was one hotly-debated point from the reboot, whether fans knew they were debating it or not. You see, the initials, as they appeared in the source material, stood for Techno Cosmic Research Institute. “Cosmic” because it was created and run by alien beings in hiding (Utroms, usually shown as pink brains inside robotic bodies). In the previous series of live-action films, the moniker was changed to TGRI (“Techno Global“) to remove the alien origins of the “ooze” which mutated the turtles. The reboot returned the “cosmic” acronym (despite outrage over the idea that the heroes’ origin would, as always, be alien) but in this film, the glowing (purple) substance is referred to as “ooze,” in keeping with the source material.


7. The Familiar Watering Hole

The bar Bebop and Rocksteady often visit is Vazacs Horseshoe Bar. The bar has appeared in many films and TV shows, and recently, it is also the place where Luke Cage from the Marvel's series Jessica Jones often shows up. Since the Ninja Turtles takes most of its fiction from parodies of Marvel’s Daredevil (The Hand/Foot, Stick/Splinter, shared ‘chemical’ origin), it seems only fitting that a location in the MCU should feature so prominently in their own.


8. Casey Jones' Hockey Stick

When Casey Jones has to use a mask and a hockey stick to come to April O’Neil’s defense, many sharp-eyed fans realize that his stick belongs to Eastwood (a real brand). However, in the film, it belongs to Eastman, another detail reminding us of creator Kevin Eastman. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is not the only film bearing this detail. The brand Eastman on the hockey stick also appears in the 2012 animated version.


9. The Frozen Shredder

Shredder is the main villain in the series Mutant Ninja Turtles, however, in this sequel, the evil ninja The Shredder (Brian Tee) only serves to open the portal to bring Krang to the Earth. In the big batlle between Krang and the Ninja Turtles, Krang betrays Shredder and freezes him.
It immediately reminds Star Wars fans of the scene where Han Solo (Harrison Ford) is in the similar situation in Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980). This detail is to honor Industrial Light & Magic, who is in charge of visual effects and CGI in the Star Wars series and this installment of Mutant Ninja Turtles.