Cara Delevingne Rules Out Returning in Suicide Squad 2

Posted 2017/07/20 0 0

The Suicide Squad are getting back together for a sequel, but Cara Delevingne won't be joining them.


The model-turned-actress played archaeologist June Moone, who turns into Enchantress, the villain that the squad of anti-heroes are tasked with taking down.

Even though Enchantress was defeated and June returned to her normal form, while promoting Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets, Cara Delevingne expressed a willingness to return to the role of June Moon AKA Enchantress, but doubted it would actually happen.

“Pretty sure [I’m not returning]. It was a life-changing experience and of course I’d do another one, but I don’t think it would make sense for the character,” Delevingne said to USA Today. “I’ll probably still be on the set hanging out with everyone.”

That's not necessarily bad news, though. Many critics of Suicide Squad (and there were a lot) were disappointed by The Enchantress, among various other things, in the movie, so maybe making the sequel radically different is a good way to distance itself from the flaws of the original.

Suicide Squad 2 is currently in development, with Jaume Collet-Serra currently in talks to direct. Adam Cozadof The Legend of Tarzan was announced as the writer for the sequel back in March, but there seems to have been a change as Zak Penn was tagged in to start from square one. Warner Brothers recently told Variety that shooting for the film could start as soon as March of next year. The studio was able to snatch up two coveted release dates in 2020 just yesterday, so the ball seems to be rolling in the right direction.

June Moon is not the only one who might not be returning. Since Margot Robbie is set to reprise her roll as Harley Quinn in a spin-off of Gotham City, it’s doubtful that she will be returning as well. And of course, if there is no Harley, there may not be a Joker either.