A British TV Show Shocks Viewers with Total Naked Dating

Posted 2016/08/07 8916 0

If you think online dating is just so risky, maybe Naked Attraction is the show for you where contestants strip off to find love!


With each reality show striving to be more audacious and atrocious than the last, Channel 4 really have put their competitors behind in the race with Naked Attraction. Dubbed an on-screen meat market, or worse, 'Blind Date in a brothel', Naked Attraction featured single hopefuls stripping off entirely in a bid to find love.

“Getting naked to find a date is probably one of the weirdest things I’ve ever signed myself up to do,” says one of the show’s contestants in the first episode.

“But you’re single, you do want to find someone, so why not?” 

Presenter Anna Richardson explains that the idea behind the show is that the dates “start where most dates end”. In other words, naked.

“Modern dating has become a really complicated thing,” she said. “Most people are dating online, and of course when you are armed with enhanced photos and all your status symbols, and you’re able to hide behind the hair, the make-up, the clothes and everything else, you don’t really know what you’re getting until you actually meet that person on a date.

“Nine times out of 10, people are saying to me, when you actually meet up with that person, they’re nothing like their profile picture and they’re nothing like the person they’ve made out that they are.”

The programme sets out to discover whether people make better, more informed decisions if they are stripped of all of these social norms and crutches.

“Evolutionary scientists say that back in the day we would have picked someone based on primal instinct,” explained Richardson. “So that’s what we’re trying in the 21st Century.

“I see it as a very positive, body-affirming and life-affirming show.”

The new series began with 1.4 million viewers, a 9.1% share of the audience, from 10pm on Monday.

It had the better of Channel 5’s Big Brother, which drew 1.2 million viewers (7.9%), also from 10pm, and BBC2’s Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience, which lost its shirt with 400,000 viewers, a 2.6% share, between 10pm and 10.30pm.