‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Theme Will Likely Be about Slender Man

Posted 2016/02/03 6158 0

An internet meme might likely become the next horror in “American Horror Story”.

American Horror Story writers are plotting their next story. According to an inside source of Us Weekly, the drama’s sixth season will likely focus on Slender Man. 

Slender Man in the legends

Slender Man, created as an internet meme in 2009, is a black-suited character who follows and kidnaps children. The story about Slender Man has been published on the internet, but AHS want to adapt it to fit the show. According to the same source, AHS have to buy the rights, they can figure out the cast from there. If this new is correct, it can be a headache for the show’s producers to choose from plenty stories about Slender Man. Producers also hope AHS can have Lady Gaga return for this season. 

Gaga, a.k.a Mother Monster, won a Golden Globe January 10 for Best Performance by an Actress. She beats Queen Latifah, Kirsten Dunst, Sarah Hay and Felicity Huffman with her role as The Countess in AHS: Hotel. She also got a lot of praises from her co-workers on set.

Lady Gaga had a great performance in the last season

Previously, Slender Man was only the imagination of people, but there are more and more evidence about the existence of this character. In 2009, Victor Surge published a photo of Slender Man in a spiritual forum, which caused an uproar on the internet. In the two pictures, Slender Man appeared to be 1.8 to 3 meter tall, very slender and always wear a black suit and tie.  

The most outstanding feature of this character is his blank face, there is nothing there. His hands are super abnormal with 5 fingers as 5 octopus tentacles. The scariest thing is the picture was taken on the same day, on which 14 kids reported missing. It didn’t stop there but the library where the picture was kept caught fire and was burned down one week later. The woman who took that picture, Ms. Mary Thomas, disappear nearly at the same time of the fire.   

In other stories, Slender Man had a superpower of invisibility or transforming into another person to approach his victim. His targets are normally children as Slender Man’s pictures often capture him being around kids. Besides, there is another theory that Slender Man has existed for hundreds of years, started from kidnapping cases in 1900s.  

The famous picture of Slender Man

In 1989, when investigating about the missing of his daughter Jessica, Thomas Nealy went into a forest and faced Slender Man when Slender Man was holding his daughter’s clothes. He went to report to the police panicked and even said that Slender Man was right behind him, after that Nealy and the police mysteriously disappeared. A Spanish man named Gabriel also talked about being haunted by Slender Man for days.