‘Kingsman 2’ Casting Julianne Moore as The New Villain and Colin Firth Will Be Absent from The Movie

Posted 2016/02/19 4693 0

The negotiation is in process for the new Oscar winner in ‘Still Alice’, Julianne Moore to star as the new villain in ‘Kingsman 2’.   

In 2015, Kingsman: The Secret Service opened in theatre made a surprise success to $410 million worldwide. Following this huge success, it didn’t take long before Kingsman 2 was greenlit at Fox. In autumn 2015, it was announced that Director Matthew Vaughn (X-Men First Class) and scriptwriter Jane Goldman (Kick Ass) will cooperate with author Mark Millar (Old Man Logan) to produce the next part of the sequel. 

Right after that, the releasing date of Kingsman 2 has been set to be in summer 2017. Taron Egerton, playing Gary 'Eggsy' Unwin, will be back to be the main character. However, will Colin Firth be back as Harry Hart, after his character was murdered in the first movie? This has been a very hot topic and it seems that the answer will be ‘yes’. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the famous star, Julianne Moore, is now negotiating to play a villain in Kingsman 2. Moore recently won an Oscar for her role as a professor with Alzheimer in Still Alice, played Governor Coin in the last two parts of the series The Hunger Games; and now is working with Todd Haynes in a project to bring the children book Wonderstruck to the widescreen and many other projects. There are concerns that, with many projects on hands, Julianne Moore will find it really hard to fit her schedule for Kingsman 2.  

                                          Colin Firth won't return in the sequel of "Kingsman"

The Hollywood Reporter also wrote that Colin Firth has no plan to come back to Kingsman series, and Matthew Vaughn, Jane Goldman and Mark Millar are brainstorming how to bring back the dead character to the movie, it could be through flashbacks or creating a twin brother of Harry Hart. However, these ideas might no longer be used if Colin Firth does not change his mind. 

                                                                          Taron Egerton

                                                                         Samuel L. Jackson

Taron Egerton, for his part, has confirmed that, whilst the first was shot in the UK, the Kingsman sequel will be filmed on an international level with America is one of the destinations. The production will get underway this summer. He also claimed that the new villain (Julianne Moore) will be one to rival Mr. Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) from the first Kingsman installment, having said the character “is so brilliantly written I wish I could play it.”   

                                                    Julianne Moore in "Hunger Games"…

                                                                      …and in "Seventh Son"

Despite it only being a possibility, it’s still interesting to consider how Moore’s potential Kingsman 2 antagonist role could step up to Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) – his evil plan to murder half the world’s population via a smartphone app. Having seen her cunning and charm in films like Hunger Games, or Seventh Son, it will be interesting to see what she could do as the villain in a tongue-in-cheek spy flick. Yet the fact that Egerton says the part is so good that he wishes he could play it, gives us confidence that we’re in for a great character, whoever ends up playing them.

Kingsman 2 is scheduled to open in U.S. theaters on June 16th, 2017.