All the Marvel Superheroes Released in 2018 and Beyond (P.2: Beyond)

Posted 2018/01/18 1949 0

Here's your chronological, easy-to-follow guide to every Marvel movie coming your way.



Silver & Black release date February 8, 2019

A spinoff of Spider-Man: Homecoming and the second instalment in Sony’s Marvel Universe (an adjunct of the Marvel Cinematic Universe) after Venom, Silver and Black brings together Marvel characters Silver Sable and Black Cat in a heist adventure.


Gambit release date February 14, 2019

Gambit: An X-Men spin-off series featuring a new version of the card-carrying Cajun mutant.


Captain Marvel release date March 8, 2019

The plot is unknown at this time but it will feature an Air Force pilot who develops superhuman powers.


Untitled Avengers movie release date April 27, 2019

Avengers 4 follows Infinity War after a big disastrous climax that leaves our heroes on the back foot.


Untitled MCU movie release date May 1, 2020

Director: TBC

Starring: TBC


Untitled MCU movie release date August 7, 2020


Director: TBC

Starring: TBC


Untitled MCU movie release date November 6, 2020


Director: TBC

Starring: TBC


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 release date 2020

Gunn has said that the film will serve as the "epic conclusion" to the story he began in 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy. He said that the movie will bring to an end the current "iteration" of the team, adding, "Who knows who will take up the mantle after that?"


Unknown release dates


A time-traveler assembles a team of mutants in order to prevent the wrecked future he came from.


Black Widow

After years of fans demanding a Black Widow film (or any female-led MCU movie), Disney has finally got the hint and set Nasty Women's Jac Schaeffer to writing a script.


Doctor Doom

Marvel's Doctor Doom tells the origin story of Victor Von Doom and how he becomes the infamous Dr. Doom.



Logan director James Mangold is working with producer Hutch Parker to develop a sequel to Wolverine's 2017 swan song, starring his berserker daughter/clone, Laura/X-23.


Morbius, the Living Vampire

An adaptation of Marvel's Morbius, the Living Vampire has been placed into development with a script by Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama, the co-writers of the Power Rangers reboot film.


Multiple Man

Fox is in negotiations with James Franco to star in a movie about the Marvel Comics character Multiple Man, whose powers allow him to creates doubles (or 'dupes') of himself.