Hayley Atwell Wants a Peggy Carter Marvel Movie

Posted 2017/07/29 0 0

Recently, the British actress said she would like to see Peggy pop up in the MCU again.


IGN spoke to Atwell about the possibility of Peggy making a return to the Marvel films. Even after racking up four film appearances, a One-Shot, two seasons of her series, and a few cameos on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Atwell is not interested in having her Marvel role come to an end. She is very much open to returning in future films, but would also love to see Peggy lead her own film.

“I’d love to see [Peggy] more in films. I’d love to see her in her own film. And if we can keep evolving it so that she does new things so that I can surprise myself and she can keep surprising me then I’d love to do it,” Atwell shared with IGN.

“I feel very privileged to be part of something that people really love and that entertains them. But also, you’re going to these conventions and meeting people who’ve named their son Carter and people who have a tattoo of ‘I Know My Value,’ the tagline,” Atwell continued.

“She’s a force of good and there are a lot of social media sites where girls and guys have come together and become good friends on an international scale because of their belief in some of the values that Peggy talks about. And that provides them with a different connection that a family situation or school situation that they don’t really feel they have a place in. That’s really cool to me. So I’m very happy to be a part of that world and keep that going.”

While it remains to be seen if Marvel has any plans to bring Peggy Carter back in a future Marvel movie, the actress also spoke about her hit Agent Carter series being unceremoniously cancelled after just two seasons. Here's what she had to say below.

"You know Marvel and all the creatives behind the making of the show loved it. And we loved it. We all loved making it. It was a network political thing. They wanted to put me in something mainstream (Conviction) to get their ratings up rather than something that was more genre specific. There were a lot of economic decisions behind it and I wasn't a part of the conversation. So we were all really surprised about that because we kind of got the sense that people were liking it. It had this cult following. So I know there've been online campaigns for it and the fact that we know that she lives until the age of 96 means that technically I could be employed for the rest of my life, you know."

Atwell has had some brief appearances in Marvel movies since her last substantial appearance in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Really, the only thing that would make sense for her character to return would be in flashback. It is also highly unlikely that there would be a Peggy Carter solo movie, especially since she was the subject of her own TV series.