New Tomb Raider Movie Has Wrapped Production

Posted 2017/06/09 0 0

Director Roar Uthaug has confirmed that they’ve wrapped filming on the Tomb Raider reboot starring Alicia Vikander.


Filming for the new Tomb Raider movie has officially wrapped today with director Roar Uthaug sharing the celebratory moment on set on social media. A Warner Bros. Pictures, MGM and GK Films production, Tomb Raider stars Academy Award winner Alicia Vikander (The Danish Girl) as Lara Croft, the video game heroine.

Scripted by Transformers: The Last Knight scribe Geneva Robertson-Dworet, the new Tomb Raider movie is based on the video game franchise. First published in 1996 by the London-based video game company Eidos, Tomb Raider became one of the most successful video games of the time. In this reboot, young Lara Croft leaves everything she knows behind in search of her dad's last-known destination: a fabled tomb on a mythical island that might be somewhere off the coast of Japan. But her mission will not be an easy one; just reaching the island will be extremely treacherous. Suddenly, the stakes couldn't be higher for Lara, who, against the odds and armed with only her sharp mind, blind faith and inherently stubborn spirit, must learn to push herself beyond her limits as she journeys into the unknown. If she survives this perilous adventure, it could be the making of her, earning her the name Tomb Raider.

We got our first official look at Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft back in late March when MGM unveiled the first three photos, but we haven't gotten a glimpse at any other cast members quite yet. The cast also includes Walton Goggins as the main villain, and while his character's identity has yet to be confirmed, he is listed on IMDB as playing Mathias Vogel, a villain from the video games. The cast also includes Dominic West as Lara's father, Lord Richard Croft, Daniel Wu as Lu Ren, Hannah John-Kamen as Sophie and Alexandre Willaume as an unspecified character.

Tomb Raider is scheduled to arrive in theaters on March 16, 2018.