Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins Would Love to Direct a Superman Movie

Posted 2017/06/10 0 0

If given the opportunity to helm another DC Comics movie, Patty Jenkins said she would love to direct Superman.


Despite the fact that the movie she just made had a huge weekend Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins took the time to do a reddit AMA where she answered some questions about what influenced Wonder Woman, what other DC properties she would like to work on someday, the romance in Wonder Woman, and offered some advice for someone just getting into film school. There, Jenkins revealed she'd also love to work on another DC Comics superhero movie for the DC Extended Universe.

When asked if there was any DC Superhero movie she'd like to do, Jenkins answered, "It's no secret that I love Superman but right now I'm just happy doing Wonder Woman."

Patty Jenkins has made her love for Superman no secret while doing the press rounds for Wonder Woman. In fact, she even included an obvious nod to Christopher Reeve-led 1978 film in Wonder Woman. While in a street scuffle, Diana saved Steve Trevor from a bullet in a vein similar to how Clark Kent caught a bullet to save Lois in Superman.

The Wonder Woman director has also stated that she loves Superman's hopeful and courageous message. In a Hollywood climate that is eager to bring gritty realism to superhero properties, Patty Jenkins used Superman as a reference to the tone of her film. And while Wonder Woman was not without its tragedy and drama, Diana's empathy and hopefulness allowed for a thoroughly enjoyable moviegoing experience.

She’s not the only person interested in the character, though. Several directors have expressed interest in helming a Superman movie over the years, with Jurassic World 2 director J.A. Bayona being the latest person to throw his hat into the ring. At the moment, Warner Bros. is waiting to see how Justice League performs before solidifying plans for the future of the DCEU. We’ll just have to wait and see if Man of Steel 2 is a part of that lineup, as well as if Jenkins will be involved in Wonder Woman 2.