Chris Hemsworth Nearly Passed on Playing Thor

Posted 2017/10/23 0 0

Hemsworth revealed he almost said no to the plum Marvel gig.


Playing the superhero Thor, Hemsworth's the star of a billion-dollar Hollywood film franchise, however, the Australian actor almost turned down the role when offered. In a new interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Hemsworth, who's gearing up for the release of Thor: Ragnarok, his third Thor film, and fifth featured appearance as Marvel's Asgardian hero overall, revealed that he nearly shrugged off the opportunity of a lifetime.

"I was crossing the road in Vancouver... and I remember the exact moment getting a call from from my lawyer and my manager saying, 'You got the offer,'" he recalls. "And then kind of going 'Oh wow, cool. So what is it?' 'It's a superhero thing and it's a six-picture deal.' And we were like, 'That's a lot of films to sign up for. We should pass on this.'"

Ultimately, he said yes to the Marvel gig, he explained that his doubts came from "that voice inside you thinking it's too good to be true.” While the role has kept him busy through three Thor films and several movies starring the Avengers, Hemsworth has managed to take on a few other big movie jobs. Among those are the Ghostbusters reboot, In The Heart of the Sea, The Huntsman, Red Dawn and Rush.

Speaking of deals, if Hemsworth’s original six-picture contract still stands, that means that he only has one more MCU outing left on his deal after the upcoming threequel. We know that he is going to appear in Avengers: Infinity War, as he is the link between the Guardians of the Galaxy and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. After that, however, his fate as the franchise’s God of Thunder remains unknown. Deaths have been promised to some of the core characters in the next two Avengers films and with Thor: Ragnarok effectively capping the Asgardian’s standalone trilogy, who knows what the future lies for the demigod.