Patty Jenkins In Final Negotiations To Helm Wonder Woman 2

Posted 2017/08/18 0 0

The deal will make Patty Jenkins highest paid female director ever!


Though Wonder Woman 2 was officially confirmed at Comic-Con last month, Jenkins' involvement beyond writing a treatment for the film was still up in the air. Now, Deadline is reporting that Jenkins, who likely earned between $1.5 million and $3 million on Wonder Woman, is close to closing a deal to direct Wonder Woman 2 that will see her being paid “substantially” more than she made on Wonder Woman and put her on par with a male director whose movie had performed much better at the box office than projections indicated. As such, Jenkins will become the highest paid female director in Hollywood.

If you’re into the numbers, here’s more from Deadline’s sources about what’s typical for a comic book movie director:

Typically, according to sources, a frosh director on a comic book movie gets $1.5M to $3M, while a director in the realm of Zack Snyder (who is helming DC’s Justice League) received $10M against 10% cash break even for his second DC film Man of Steel. (That’s usually paid out as 20% during pre-production, 60% during production, 10% during post and 10% following).

Jenkins holding out for a big pay day is well deserved. Wonder Woman holds the record for the best opening ever for a movie by a female director, the best worldwide haul for a live-action movie directed by a woman as well as the third biggest Warner Bros. domestic release ever, and will soon pass the $800 million mark worldwide.  

Back in June, it was revealed that Jenkins was only offered a one-movie contract for Wonder Woman as per standard DC Extended Universe policy for new directors, even though star Gal Gadot was optioned for a sequel.

Wonder Woman 2 is set to open in theatres December 19, 2019, and expected to be set in the '80s and follow a Cold War narrative, with Chris Pine's Steve Trevor apparently returning despite being, you know, dead.