Cinema in Ireland 'Bans' Men from Seeing Fifty Shades Darker Alone

Posted 2017/02/11 5476 0

A Co Meath cinema has warned it will not allow any 'unaccompanied males' into view the new Fifty Shades Darker movie, ahead of its opening on Friday.


The Diamond Cinema in Navan, Co. Meath have announced that unaccompanied males will not be allowed into the cinema to watch the new and highly-shteamy Fifty Shades Darker alone.

The cinema's cheeky phone listings yesterday stated:

"If you're looking to go to Fifty Shades Darker and you're bringing your boyfriend, you better keep lots of space between you.

It's on an 18 cert and I must stress that single men or married men on their own, any unaccompanied males will not be allowed in."

Diamond Cinema

Paul Egan, who records the phone listings for the Diamond Cinema, told the Irish Mirror : "Well, it's meant to be a titillating film so I thought it might be better to keep the single men outside until we suss it out.

"Sure it could lead to all sorts of temptation with women's hormones flying all over the place, while watching the film.

"It might be better to keep the men outside the door until we see if women can control themselves," he laughed.

"The film is basically porn for women, going on what the distributors are describing to us."

Paul said he hadn't seen a preview of the film, ahead of its opening in Navan tonight but when asked if he saw the original Fifty Shades of Grey, he laughed: "I saw a bit of it. I actually fell asleep, those kind of films just don't grab me at all."

Fifty Shades Darker is the second installment in the erotic Fifty Shades trilogy that traces the deepening relationship between a college graduate, Anastasia Steele, and a young business magnate, Christian Grey. The film was given an 18 certificate and had a budget of $55million, or £44million, which was $15million more than the first movie. The first film was an immediate box office success and made a staggering $571million in sales.

So be warned, any man wanting to see Fifty Shades Darker in Navan in the initial few days may be guided into the more innocent 'Sing' movie instead.