Coming to America 2 is in the Works!

Posted 2017/04/13 2755 0

Eddie Murphy's Prince Akeem is returning to the U.S. in a belated Coming to America sequel with the same writing team.


Coming to America was such a huge hit for Murphy that a sequel seemed inevitable. The sequel has been a long-rumored project, but Paramount is finally taking steps toward production. The studio has hired Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield, who penned the 1988 original, to write the potential sequel, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. Plot details of the sequel are being kept under wraps.

In the original film, which was directed by ‘80s comedy stalwart John Landis (The Blues Brothers, An American Werewolf in London, Trading Places), Murphy played a fresh-faced Prince Akeem, son of King Jaffe Joffer (James Earl Jones). Along with his personal assistant Semmi (Arsenio Hall), Akeem travels to the only place in America perfect for finding a modern 20th century girl destined for monarchy: Queens, New York. Once in the outer-borough plenty of fish out of water comedy ensues that includes Murphy and Hall first doing the “multiple roles” shtick that would become synonymous with the former’s later comedy movies, as well as playing off John Amos, Shari Headley, Paul Bates, and a then very-unknown Samuel L. Jackson.

With Murphy and the original movie’s writers reportedly on-board, one wonders if Paramount will now contact Coming to America director John Landis about joining up. Landis was a hot director in 1988 when Coming to America came out, but he has since entirely faded from the Hollywood scene, becoming in recent years almost exclusively a maker of documentaries and TV episodes as well as a frequent and fascinating contributor to the website Trailers From Hell. Murphy and Landis have made two other films together, including Trading Places and Beverly Hills Cop 3.

Murphy recently teased a sequel on his Twitter feed before claiming it had been hacked and deleting his entire account.

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