James Gunn Originally Thought Guardians Of The Galaxy Was A Bad Idea

Posted 2017/06/14 0 0

Gunn recently admitted that the idea of the Guardians didn't appeal to him.


When it comes to the Guardians of the Galaxy, there is no greater expert than James Gunn. Gunn is the man behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s take on the interstellar team, and the director has piloted the franchise to critical success. However, when Gunn first looked at the series, the director wasn’t convinced it was a great idea. CinemaBlend is reporting on why James Gunn initially thought that Guardians of the Galaxy was a bad idea. Speaking at his Building Worlds Panel at E3, the director explained.

"I know, for me, when I was first pitched Guardians of the Galaxy, it was something that I frankly (during) my first hearing of it, I thought it was not a good idea. I thought it was a talking raccoon, with these strange characters, I thought it was too weird. I thought it sounded to me, like when they first pitched it to me, as if it was Bugs Bunny in the middle of The Avengers. And I didn't think it was something that was going to work."

While many view Guardians as the funniest franchise in the MCU, Gunn told the gathered crowds at the E3 convention, who were attending his World Building Panel, that it was the underlying sadness in these characters that eventually won him over. He elaborated:

I was going home, and I knew the Guardians from the comics and I really liked them, I just didn't think it was something that was going to fit into the Marvel Universe. But as I was driving home, I thought, 'OK, well, let's just take a moment to think about this.' If there was such a thing as a talking raccoon, what would it be? How could it come to be?... And I actually found the answers to these questions were these incredibly sad answers... To me that was the foundation of the entire Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians-verse.

Clearly, Gunn’s innovative take on the Guardians of the Galaxy has won over moviegoers around the world. The first film succeeded everyone’s expectations, and its recent sequel as earned over $830 million worldwide. Marvel Studios has entrusted Gunn with much of his narrative future, and the director has already confirmed he will oversee a third Guardians of the Galaxy of the Galaxy film next.