Cult of Chucky Influenced By Inception and Nightmare on Elm Street

Posted 2017/07/26 1689 0

Director Don Mancini also reveals the new movie is like Chucky on drugs.


After four years, the highly anticipated sequel in the “Child’s Play” series is finally scheduled to be released this year. Titled “Cult Of Chucky,” the seventh installment in Chucky’s cinematic universe is expected to bring the element of madness into the sequel. Speaking to the Movie Crypt podcast, Cult of Chucky writer-director, a.k.a Child’s Play series overlord, Don Mancini talked about the latest new direction for the ageless horror franchise, and discussed the movies that influenced him in conceiving the film’s mind-bending story (via EW):

“This is Chucky as a mindf— movie. It’s Chucky on drugs. Nightmare on Elm Street 3 was an influence but so was Inception, honestly. These are movies where, deliberately — and we had not done this before with a Chucky movie — you question reality. Because it’s a mental hospital, you’re dealing with a bunch of characters whose own perceptions of reality are altered by their own madness, by the drugs that they’re on, by the dreams that they’re having, by the therapy that they’re having.”

Mancini continued,

"So, that was a fun new genre prism though which to look at this character. It was a new kind of story to tell with Chucky, while continuing the thread of Chucky, and Nica, and Andy Barclay, and Tiffany. It was also just a challenge, and really fun, to take these disparate characters from disparate parts of the franchise, and put them on a collision course, and see what happens when Tiffany collides with Nica or when Tiffany collides with Andy Barclay. I mean, these are the sorts of things that…you muse over it in the middle of the night, It’s like, ‘What would that be like?'"

Look out for Cult of Chucky on Oct. 3 (see the creepy trailer here), which is the sequel to 2013’s Curse of Chucky. It stars franchise veterans Alex Vincent, Fiona Dourif, Summer H. Howell, Jennifer Tilly and Brad Dourif.