'Shazam!' Just Officially Started Pre-Production

Posted 2017/08/29 0 0

Shazam is set to be the next DCEU movie going into production for Warner Bros.


DC fans have been waiting for a Shazam! movie for years, and yesterday director David F. Sandberg decided to celebrate the start of work on the highly anticipated superhero film by posting a simple but meaningful Instagram photo of a bare wall geotagged in Warner Bros. Studio in Los Angeles with a simple caption: “Day 1.”

The photo didn't feature any DC related stuff in it, but it did feature a can of Coca-Cola and an otherwise empty cabinet. Though, his simple caption let us know that this means his work on Shazam! has started.

Captain Marvel/Shazam has been fighting crime on the comic book pages for over eight decades (though he was put on ice for 20 years), and has been one of DC Comics' most popular characters since the 1970s. Aside from a film serial released in the early 1940s, this project will mark Shazam's full-length theatrical debut after years of appearances in cartoons, video games and even a live-action TV series. Right now, no plot details have been revealed about Shazam, but at the bare minimum, moviegoers can expect to see the basic story being told of Billy Batson, a child who can transform into the superhero Shazam by saying the magic word "Shazam." In his superpower adult form, Billy's abilities include super strength, flight and conjuring various forms of magic.

With preproduction apparently having started on Shazam, it's possible casting for the movie could be announced soon. Current fan-favorites to play Shazam include Alan Ritchson and even John Cena. Unfortunately, not much else can be said regarding Shazam at the moment, aside from that Black Adam won’t be included due to the fact that he’s getting his own separate movie. Thus, we fully expect the Big Red Cheese to do battle with Doctor Sivana or some other major villain.

Shazam has an April 5, 2019 release.