How Famous Actors/Actresses Sacrificed Their Looks for A Role

Posted 2017/05/27 0 0

Somehow you might wonder how they could make it!


1. David Beckham

The handsome 41-year-old athlete shared a preview of his look on Instagram, showing off his rotting teeth and scarred face as he made a cameo in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.


2. Chris Hemsworth

The former Sexiest Man Alive said his diet of about 500 calories a day included boiled eggs, salads and “nothing much” for the movie "In The Heart of The Sea".

“You play all sorts of games, if I eat this maybe I don’t eat that,” he said. “The insanity is nuts.”


3. Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich shared an image of herself in full makeup as an 85-year-old version of her character Alice for her upcoming film Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.


4. Johnny Depp

In a keen and detailed collaboration for the movie Black Mass, Depp and make-up designer Joel Harlow (and his team) have created a Boston mafia boss whose psychopathy eminates from unflinching piercing blue eyes, stained teeth and eerie smile with an Irish complexion that gives little hint of the actor.


5. Meryl Streep

Once Streep did eventually decide to take on the fairytale character most prone to wrinkles, for Rob Marshall’s adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods musical, she received one of the most glamorous makeovers of her career.


6. Vanessa Hudgens

To immerse herself in the life of a teen mother for the movie Gimme Shelter, Vanessa spent time at Several Sources Shelter in Ramsey, N.J. getting to know the women living there and incorporating some of their mannerisms into her character. She also cut her long hair before filming, to "set the tone" for her character, whose short tresses are the result of a hair-chopping act of defiance. To make the transformation complete, she gained fifteen pounds to pass off as pregnant for a majority of the film's 2-hour run time.


7. Halle Berry

Halle Berry may have lost herself a dare with her new transformation for the movie, "Truth or Dare." Berry sports some very blatant prosthetics that make her face look swollen. Not to mention that for her new gig, she's used prosthetics to double the size of her chest.