Deborah Snyder Reveals Why Jason Momoa Was Cast as Aquaman

Posted 2017/11/11 2525 0

It might also be the reason you watch the movie...


Jason Momoa doesn't exactly fit the traditional look of Aquaman from the comics, so the casting move surprised many. Now, Justice League producer (and Zack Snyder’s wife) Deborah Snyder, told the Los Angeles Times, how the idea of casting Momoa came about.

“We’re big Game of Thrones fans. I remember Jason Momoa [as Dothraki chieftain Khal Drogo]. Zack was like, ‘Jason would be the perfect Aquaman.’ I was like, ‘It’s so out of the box. But yeah!’ He can be tough. And he feels like he comes from the water.”

Producer Charles Roven added that the casting of Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller (The Flash) and Ray Fisher (Cyborg), "was pretty inspired." Aquaman will formally make his debut in Justice League, where he is recruited by Batman (Ben Affleck) to join a team of metahumans to stop the villainous Steppenwolf from invading Earth. After the first press screenings, the first reactions to Justice League have arrived, which are rather mixed, which could mean that the movie may have trouble hitting the projected opening weekend of $110 million to $120 million.

While fans are excited to see Aquaman on the big screen, Momoa has warned in the past that it won't exactly be the hero they know from the comics, at least not yet.

"Really, it’s a huge growth for me," Momoa told SFX Magazine. "It’s a gigantic arc for Arthur Curry. It may be tough for a lot of fans to watch what they’re gonna see, how I portray him. But you gotta wait until we get to the solo movie to really know. Because he’s not king yet. He doesn’t believe in himself, he doesn’t know what to do with the powers he has. He’s going through tons of loss. He hates Atlanteans. The fact that people are calling him ‘Aquaman’ right now — he couldn’t give two shits about anything Atlantean. So he’s really not quite there yet. That’s kind of tough to play. We gotta figure out the origin, where we’re going. Some people will be like, ‘This isn’t my Aquaman.’ But we’re not there yet.”