Decode Batman’s Nightmare in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Posted 2016/04/02 5523 0

The sentence of "Nightmare" in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" might make you puzzled because it's not really in tune with the movie. In fact, it's for the sequels later. 

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, there is a really impressive scene about Batman's dream where The Flash surprisingly makes an appearance. For DC comics' fans, it brings very intense feelings, however, with the rest, it might be head scratching.

In this scene, the first thing we easily notice is the Batman in a post-apocalyptic styled costume with the symbol Omega carved into the desert. That is the symbol of one of the most powerful villains that Justice League must confront, Darkseid. Perhaps, this is how the world looks like after being attacked by Darkseid.

To reinforce this assumption, then soon, viewers will witness the Dark Riders battle the winged creatures flying around. Those are Parademons, the minions of Darkseid. 

It seems like those Parademons side with the ones with the symbol of Superman on their shoulders. Batman is ambushed when reuniting with his allies and asking them about "the stone" that emits green light. It looks like he is looking for Kryptonite to take down Superman.

When locked up in a cellar, Man of Steel appears and the soldiers knee down. Superman, with an evil look, does not hesitate to kill people with heat vision. After taking off Batman's mask, Superman says: "She is my world. You took her from me".

It seems like Lois died and it made Superman go evil. The dialogue as well as the images are taken from the comics Injustice: God Among Us. There, Lois Lane and her unborn baby are killed by Joker, who wants to dominate the whole worl and is willing to kill any roadblock he sees. Based on the facts above, we can make the speculation that after Lois Lane died, Superman has changed and teamed with Darkseid to conquer the Earth.

At the end of the dream, The Flash appears in a quite modern armor and dialogues that imply many things: "Listen to me now. It’s Lois. It’s Lois Lane. She is the key". After looking at Batman's confused face, he says: "Am I too soon? I’m too soon. You are right about him. You have always been right about him. Fear him. Fear him. Find us, Bruce. You have to find us". The appearance of The Flash is short but meaningful.

Based on the costume of The Flash and his old looks, it seems like he has just returned past to warn Batman about the unpleasant prospect in the future. Chances are the first images in the dream is what will happen that The Flash wants to show.

It reminds us of another event in Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox, when The Flash returns past to save his late mother, and turns everything upside down. The fact that he appears in the dream is not something too surprising or strange because he also has another nickname, The Messenger. Like in Crisis on Infinite Earths, he appears in the dream of Batman and other superheroes to warn about Anti-Moniter.

His dialogues also strengthens the hypothesis of Injustice when mentioning Lois Lane as "the key". The saying "I’m too soon" proves that he's from the future and wants to warn Bruce so he could stop the threats, it might be Joker killing Lois Lane as what happens in the comics, but maybe he sets the time too soon because Batman still has no idea about Lois.

The dialogue "You are right about him. You have always been right about him" might target Superman. It reminds us of another comics Babel Tower or the animated movie Justice League: Doom. Batman is skeptic, he never absolutely trusts just anything or anyone, even Superman, Flash, Green Lantern... He always have some Plan Bs. Very likely, people don't believe him when he says Superman will go evil, but in the future, it turns out that he is right.

"Fear him" is short, but it's repeated twice, which makes us feel the fear of The Flash towards "him". "Him" might be Superman or Darkseid, who is one of the New Gods, the lord of Apokalips, with extremely destructible powers.

In the animated movie Justice League: War, the Justice League team, including Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Shazam, Cyborg, Green Lantern and Batman, team with each other but they could not do anything more than pushing Darkseid out of the Earth. We are not sure how powerful Darkseid will be in the live-action movie, but we can be sure he will be a huge challenge for the team.

And finally, the dialogue "Find us, Bruce. You have to find us" might be the reason why at the end of the movie, Batman has Wonder Woman find other people in the list of Lex Luthor, in order to form the team of Justice League, so they can deal with the threat from outer space, Darkseid.

The comics Injustice has great synopsis and might be what Zack Snyder and DCEU will follow to exploit the dark sides of superheroes, especially a symbol of light and hope for humans, Superman.

The appearance of The Flash in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice only last 1 - 2 minutes, however, it drives the fans crazily excited as well as makes great contributions to the storyline. It is an important factor that makes Batman declares the war with Superman as well as opens the era of Justice League.