Legion's Noah Hawley Is Making A Doctor Doom Movie

Posted 2017/07/21 0 0

Hawley reveals at Comic-Con that the "Fantastic Four" villain will get his own stand-alone Marvel film from Fox.


FX Legion’s debut San Diego Comic-Con panel largely went as expected, that is, until the closing minutes, when creator Noah Hawley dropped a giant bomb about a movie he’s developing for Fox, one that he wouldn’t say too much about. “I’ll just say two words. The first one is Doctor and the next one is Doom,” he said.

Doctor Doom, otherwise known as Victor Von Doom, is a sorcerer and scientist who rules the fictional nation of Latveria with an iron fist. Though he’s the Fantastic Four’s archenemy, having appeared in all three of Fox’s failed Fantastic Four movies, he’s run into several several Marvel superheroes over the years. He even managed to take over what was left of the Marvel multiverse during the 2015 Secret Wars event. Needless to say, this is an exciting development for Fox and comics fans.

Recently, Stan Lee, who co-created Doctor Doom in 1960s admitted the villain was his favorite baddie of the Marvel Universe, but the comic icon thinks Doctor Doom does get a bad rap. Last year, Lee was asked by fan about which of Marvel's villains makes him the most excited, and he had this to say:

“I think maybe Doctor Doom. Now, I’ll tell you why: Everybody has Doctor Doom misunderstood. Everybody thinks he’s a criminal, but all he wants is to rule the world. Now, if you really think about it objectively, you could just walk up to a police officer and you could say, ‘Excuse me, officer? I want to rule the world.’ He can’t arrest you. It’s not a crime to want to rule the world.”

He continued, explaining, “It’s unfair that he’s considered a villain. He just wants to rule the world and maybe he could do a better job of it. So, I’m very interested in Doctor Doom, and I’d like to clear his name."

Actor Julian McMahon played Doctor Doom in the movies "Fantastic Four" (2005) and "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer," (2007), and Toby Kebbell played the character in the "Fantastic Four" reboot (2015).

No date has been announced for the upcoming Doctor Doom movie, but fans can still catch "Legion" when it returns to FX for its 10-episode second season in 2018.