Early Reviews: Mother! As One of the Most Horrifying Movies of the Year

Posted 2017/09/06 2109 0

The mother! early reviews are out and has received overwhelming positive reviews from critics.


Mother! was booed at the Venice Film Festival but the first official reviews have been universally glowing, although they still warn that the movie and its "sickeningly glorious" subject matter may be hard to sit through and some feel it may elevate style over substance.

Check out what some of the early mother! reviews have to say below.

Digital Spy

"Some will scrutinise mother! with widened eyes as they see deep into Aronofsky's failed marriage with actress Rachel Weisz. Others will dismiss it as pretentious twaddle and view the escalating abuse visited upon Lawrence's character as grossly misogynistic. But one thing's for sure: mother!, for all its patent influences, is like no other movie out there right now. Oh, and another thing is certain, also: it's a horror movie, and a damn good one at that."


"It's more like a dazzlingly skilful machine of virtual reality designed to get nothing but a rise out of you. It's a baroque nightmare that's about nothing but itself. Yet for an increasingly large swath of the moviegoing audience, that may be enough. mother! is often entertaining in a knowingly over-the-top, look-ma-no-hands! way."

The Hollywood Reporter

"Writer-director Darren Aronofsky wants to have his commercial cake and chomp down on some vexing personal issues, too, in mother!, a very Rosemary's Baby-like intimate horror tale that definitely grabs your attention and eventually soars well over the top to make the bold concluding statement that, for some creators, art is more important than life."

Screen International

"Like much the rest of Aronofsky's work it will divide and stimulate audiences and critics, but should still be hailed as an original, strikingly unconventional piece. Awards play seems likely, particularly for Aronofsky's muse Jennifer Lawrence, embodying and responding to all his considerable neuroses, fears and desires, as an artist, a lover, and a citizen of the planet."

Evening Standard

"mother! is filmed with loving oppressiveness, only using three basic, handheld camera shots: seeing what Jennifer Lawrence sees, looking over her shoulder or into her face, for the whole film. Arty! And scary. But Jennifer Lawrence's incredible face, her unique emotional honesty, absolutely repay this ceaseless gaze."

The Playlist

"An incendiary religious allegory, a haunted-house horror, a psychological head trip so extreme it should carry a health warning and an apologia for crimes of the creative ego past and not yet committed, it's not just Aronofsky's most bombastic, ludicrous and fabulous film, spiked with a kind of reckless, go-for-broke, leave-it-all-up-there-on-the-screen abandon, it is simply one of the most films ever."

With praise like that, who could resist? mother! is set for release Sept. 15 in theaters.