Director Jordan Peele Confirms a Hilarious ‘Get Out’ Theory

Posted 2017/12/03 0 0

The movie has remained a part of the cultural conversation throughout the year.


In a recent video for Vanity Fair, director Jordan Peele addressed several of these theories, including the idea that Get Out takes place in the same universe as Being John Malkovich, with Catherine Keener, who stars in both films, as the link between them. Both movies are about body snatching and the theory claims that Keener's two characters are actually one and the same. Director-writer Jordan Peele happens to love the theory, and whether it was intentional or not, he considers it to be true. Peele said:

“Um, wow. I love this theory, I have heard this theory. It was definitely not lost on me that I was able to get Catherine Keener in her second like weird perspective, living in someone else’s brain movie. We joked about that and I’m a huge fan of the movie Being John Malkovich. I also sat down with [Being John Malkovich director] Spike Jonze a couple months ago, told him this theory myself and he chuckled. So as far as I’m concerned, it’s true.”

In Being John Malkovich, Craig (John Cusack), a frustrated puppeteer and his wife Lotte (Cameron Diaz) stumble upon the ability to ride passenger to the mind of actor John Malkovich, and eventually, override his consciousness completely. This bares a striking resemblance to the transubstantiation in Get Out, a radical medical procedure by which Rose’s parents have been implanting white minds into Black bodies so that they may live longer. The body’s original inhabitants, meanwhile, are forced into the “sunken place,” where they’re reduced to passive viewers of their physical experiences.

Both films also revolve around older characters who initially come across as relatively harmless, but are, in fact, quite insidious. In Being John Malkovich, it’s Craig’s boss, Dr. Lester, who reveals he’s known about the portal to Malkovich’s mind all along, and in Get Out, it’s Rose’s parents (well, it’s the whole of Rose’s family, but they’re the heads of the operation). Check out how Peele breaks down other fan theories in the video below!