48 Hours Remake is Being Developed by Good Time Directors

Posted 2017/12/14 0 0

Walter Hill’s 1982 action comedy 48 Hrs. is getting the remake treatment!


Good Time has won filmmakers Josh and Benny Safdie critical acclaim, scoring five Film Independent Spirit Awards nominations and its success has kicked open some doors for the brothers, who have spent years solidifying their indie cred. According to THR, the Safdies will write the script with their frequent collaborator Ronald Bronstein and also comedian Jerrod Carmichael. Chernin Entertainment (War for the Planet of the Apes, Hidden Figures) will produce the film alongside the Safdie’s producers, Oscar Boyson and Sebastian Bear-McClard.

The original 48 Hrs. was released in 1982 and directed by legendary filmmaker Walter Hill. It was a major hit for Paramount with Eddie Murphy in his first film role as a convict helping a detective, played by Nick Nolte, to track down a pair of cop killers over a two-day leave from prison. Directed by Walter Hill, “48 Hours” grossed $80 million and was Joel Silver’s first major production. It was also the first film in the “buddy cop” genre that went on to include “Beverly Hills Cop,” “Lethal Weapon,” and “Rush Hour.” A sequel, Another 48 Hrs., was released in 1990.

The Safdie brothers are also in development on A24’s thriller Uncut Gems, an original story set in the New York City Diamond District starring Jonah Hill as the film’s main character. Their filmography includes The Pleasure of Being Robbed, Daddy Longlegs, Lenny Cooke, Heaven Knows What, and their most recent effort, Good Time, which has grossed $2 million since August in limited release for A24. It took five Spirit Award nominations last month. Benny Safdie scored three nominations for directing with brother Josh Safdie, for supporting male actor, and for editing with Ronald Bronstein. Pattinson was nominated for best male lead and Taliah Lennice Webster for female supporting. “Good Time” premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and won an award for its score.