Finally The Batman Finds Its Director!

Posted 2017/02/23 3317 0

Matt Reeves, who’s best known for directing Cloverfield, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and War for the Planet of the Apes has signed on to direct and produce the film in Ben Affleck’s stead.


Following his stint as Batman in Batman v Superman, Ben Affleck had been named as director and writer for the upcoming standalone film featuring the character. However, Affleck stepped away from the role of director in January, noting that he didn’t feel he could do both direct and act in the film. Following Affleck’s departure, Reeves had been named as a frontrunner for the director’s chair. However, Reeves reportedly dropped out of negotiations, which were described as breaking down, though the cause was unknown. According to Variety, insiders believed that there was a “strong possibility” that the talks could still be resumed, and that apparently is the case as Reeves has already “closed a deal” and everything.

“I have loved the Batman story since I was a child,” Reeves said in a press release, according to io9. “He is such an iconic and compelling character, and one that resonates with me deeply. I am incredibly honored and excited to be working with Warner Bros. to bring an epic and emotional new take on the Caped Crusader to the big screen.” There’s no word on when the film will hit theaters.

Toby Emmerich, President and Chief Content Officer, Warner Bros. Pictures Group, said, "We are thrilled to have Matt Reeves taking the helm of Batman, the crown jewel of our DC slate. Matt’s deep roots in genre films and his evolution into an emotional world-building director make him the perfect filmmaker to guide the Dark Knight through this next journey.”

Reeves could offer something that the DCEU desperately needs: a focus on characters and story. His film Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was a rare example of a sequel film that quietly does everything right. Reeves behind the wheel of a standalone film probably isn’t enough to change the course for Warners, but he could be a good step in the right direction.

Affleck previously revealed that Batman’s nemesis in the film will be the DC Comics character Deathstroke. Deathstroke, an assassin with superhuman strength, speed and agility, first appeared in comic book form in 1980 but did not cross paths with Batman until a 1991 comic.

There is no official release date for the film as yet, but it is expected to be in cinemas at some point in 2018.