Gal Gadot Was Runner-Up For the Lead Role in Mad Max

Posted 2017/09/07 1615 0

The actress says she came close to playing another one of this decade's most iconic action heroines, Furiosa in 'Mad Max.'


Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot has revealed that she was also a “runner-up” for the lead role in Mad Max: Fury Road that was eventually given to Charlize Theron. In a recent episode of THR's Awards Chatter podcast, Gadot said she got pretty far in the audition process for 2015's Mad Max: Fury Road's Imperator Furiosa.

"I was runner-up for Mad Max," Gadot revealed, "with Charlize [Theron]."

Gadot went on to add that the parts she went up for usually chose a more A-List star, a process that almost caused her to give up on acting.

"I had so many almosts for big, great things. But I was never big enough of a name. It was always me and the big name [actress]." Gadot explained. "By then, I was married and I already had my first daughter, and going back and forth from Israel, and dragging everyone with me, and trying and feeling the pressure of 'I'm coming here, now I've gotta book something! I've gotta get a role in something because we're here.'"

Gadot said there’s no hard feelings over the situation, and shared experience working with director Patty Jenkins, stating that, that missing out on roles like Fury Road got her thinking to give up acting. But fortunately, the role of Wonder Woman was given to her.

Thankfully, the casting process for Furiosa wound up being great for both Gadot and Theron. Theron has since found her own action film (and hopeful franchise) in Atomic Blonde, while also still waiting to see if her Mad Max spinoff will ever get made. Gadot on the other hand landed the role of a lifetime and looks to be the new face of the DC Extended Universe as it moves forward. With appearances in Justice League, Wonder Woman 2, Flashpoint, and likely even more in her future, Gadot’s star will only continue to rise. And should Furiosa ever happen and Theron need a great co-star, maybe then Gadot could enter the Wasteland.