Game of Thrones Premiere Recap: Arya Becomes Daredevil

Posted 2016/04/27 3544 0

This is believed to be the most violent premiere ever in the series.

(Spoiler Warning!)

Jon Snow is dead, but the series is still great! Professional cinematography, blockbuster-like visual effects, smart storyline, combined with other factors like horror, action, comedy, drama, the premiere obviously did not dissatisfy any fans. In previous seasons, Game of Thrones often starts really gently and let things get fierce over time. It has changed now, in Season 6! The premiere The Red Woman is extremely intense and beautiful as if the filmmakers want to prove that this season is going to be the best one ever!

Castle Black: Jon Snow is Really Dead

The season starts with a strange corner of Castle Black with mournful howling of Ghost. Ser Davos finds Jon Snow. He looks even dead-er than dead. Ser Davos and a few others touch Jon's hard dead body. Is there any other death that can get that much respect? Melisandre steps in confused: "I saw him in the flames, fighting at Winterfell," she whispers.

"I can't speak for the flames," Davos shoots back, "but he's gone."

Ser Alliser Thorne solemnly declared: "Jon Snow is dead!", which makes him completely miserable and again rubs salt onto our injuries.

Winterfell: Sansa and Theon Greyjoy/ Reek

Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon) mourns the death of Myranda (Charlotte Hope) "Ramsay and Myranda Your pain will be paid for a thousand times over." There is no doubt about the sincerity of Ramsay.

While we are about to less hate Ramsay, he immediately feeds the dogs with Myranda's body. Game of Thrones always knows how to create controversy.

Somewhere close, Sansa and Theon are fleeing. With the aid of magic maybe, the couple land from the high wall safely. Now they are diving in the freezing water of a river, just like Leonardo Dicaprio in The Revenant. They might be the Oscar Winners of this year then.

Unfortunately, Ramsay henchmen discover that, but Brienne appears on time to rescute them both. Sansa finally accepted the protection of Brienne, in short, all are happy now, except for Ramsay.

King's Landing:

Finally we see the rare smile of Cersei when knowing Jaime and Mycerlla are back. However it doesn't last long when Jaime tells of what took place in Dorne.

Instead of seeing Cersei screaming, tearing clothes, this time we see a real miserable mother. Not blaming it on Jaime, Cersei considers that it's Mycerlla's fate, according to Maggy the Frog. What she says after that is even more surprising: "where she came from … she's nothing like me."

Meanwhile, Faith Militant does nothing to improve Margaery's hair. She is there with Septa Unella "Shame – shame – shame", who answers every of her question with "Confess". Septa makes us feel Hodor is like a talented storyteller. In the mean time, High Sparrow seems really generous with Margaery. We have no idea when the game of "Kind" Sparrow/"Evil" Septa will end.

Dorne: Kill! Kill! Kill!

Prince Doran meets Ellaria and Tyene. Doran then discovers that Ellaria kills Mycerlla without his permission. What comes next is extremely shocking: Oberyn Martell's widow kicks things into higher gear by killing Prince Doran (Alexander Siddig) and his faithful bodyguard Areo Hotah. Meanwhile Obara and Nymeria kill Doran's handsome son, Trystane.

In summary, three important figures of Dorne have already died, only Ellaria and her Sand Snakes go to King's Land. This might bother Cersei and Jaime because their revenge list is already shortened.


Tyrion and Varys walk quietly. Tyrion's joke says a lot about the turbulent political situation in Meereen, just like everywhere in Westeros. We don't need to hear their conclusion to know that they can't return to Westeros yet.

Braavos: Arya Learns to Be Daredevil

Good news is that Arya doesn't need to sell seafood on the street anymore. But bad news is she's just like a blind beggar. In addition, Arya has to suffer from a mean girl. Moreover, the student of Jaqen H’ghar does not develop the competencies of Daredevil, which is really disappointing.

Grasslands: Dany Stumbles into the Sports Bar of the Dothraki

Outside Meereen, Jorah and Daario continue their quest to find Dany. Along the way, they trade notes about their respective love toward the Breaker of Chains, with Daario commenting that he wants to live long enough to see the world conquered by Daenerys. Jorah couldn't agree more; unfortunately, the lethal Greyscale on his arm is spreading fast. There's good news, at least, albeit hidden in bad news: Jorah and Daario find Dany's ring at the center of a ring of hoofmarks, signaling that she's been captured by a Dothraki horde.

Somewhere close: Dany is in the midst of filthy and vulgar Dothraki people. While being humiliated by them, she might have only one thought in mind: "Where is my dragon?"

Back at Castle Black: The Shining Moment of Melisandre

Jon Snow is still dead. Thorne promises amnesty for Ser Davos and his fellows and even offers Davos safe passage. When Ser Davos asks for Melisandre's help, The Red Woman agrees. We see her getting naked, which she often does, but when she removes the glowing red amulet she keeps at her throat, and the true Melisandre stands revealed, unknowably ancient, her hair hanging in great gray clumps. Defeated and naked, the elderly red woman crawls into bed, unable to help anyone, let alone herself.

However, we still can't know her real abilities. It's what happens in the Season 6 Premiere. No Bran. No Sam and Gilly. And Jon Snow is still lying there, dead...