Bad Boys 3 Resurrected With A New Writer

Posted 2017/09/03 0 0

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer is optimistic about Bad Boys 3 since the project just received a new writer.


Speaking to Yahoo, Bruckheimer revealed that the film has a new writer already working on the script. The original release date for Bad Boys 3 or Bad Boys For Life was 2017, however, writer/director Joe Carnahan left the project earlier this year.

“Well, we’ve been developing it for I don’t know how many years now and we had a period of time where it got pretty close and then it drifted away a little bit and hopefully it will drift back again. We have a new writer on it who’s working on it right now, so that gives me encouragement.”

That’s hardly a confirmation that the film is 100% going to happen, but it is nice to hear that Bay’s positive about things moving ahead, and that a new scribe has climbed aboard.

Just two weeks ago, actor Martin Lawrence revealed that he thinks a third entry in the “Bad Boys” franchise isn’t going to happen. Sony was eagerly pushing the project two years ago, but as things never seemed to get going it kept being delayed and then recently it was officially removed from Sony’s release slate of forthcoming feature length productions. That led to the Lawrence quote.

The main reason for hitting the pause button on Bad Boys 3 this time around was the schedule conflicts of Will Smith. The actor is just as busy as ever. Smith previously had to complete filming Bright for Netflix (out in December), with roles in the live-action Aladdin and a proposed Suicide Squad sequel still left to go. That doesn't leave much room for Bad Boys 3, and Will Smith is pretty much a necessity for that movie to get made.

Last year, Will Smith has said that making the Bad Boys movies were some of the best times that he's ever had, going as far as to say that he "loves" Lawrence. Smith mentioned a year ago that he and Lawrence saw each other for the first time in a few years, but they hugged and then the actor mentioned that the movie was on. Smith had this to say.

"We hugged, and in that moment, we both knew we were making another Bad Boys. We're definitely doing another one."