Idris Elba Says Next James Bond Should Be a Woman

Posted 2018/01/22 0 0

It’s time to “do something different” with the English spy.


Idris Elba has been many a fan's dream casting for James Bond for years, but in his comments to Variety, he seems in favor of a drastic change and seeing a woman take on the role.

“Are we interested in having a Bond character other than being a male?” Elba asked. “Could be a woman, could be a black woman, could be a white woman, but I think, that character, everybody would like to see it have — do something different with it, why not?”

For some fans, James Bond has to be a white British dude, otherwise he's not Bond. But up until Daniel Craig, Bond had to be dark-haired. Bond wasn't blond until he was, and we got some of the best 007 movies ever out of it. Ian Fleming wrote James Bond as a white man, but that was more than half a century ago. Certainly after 65 years it's time to freshen up the franchise to be a little more... modern. Plus, there have already been books in the Bond canon about female spies. In the early 2000s, a series of books called The Moneypenny Diaries were published chronicling the missions of the popular Fleming character. If there's any time for that, it's certainly now. A lot of people on the Internet are already convinced that Charlize Theron, thanks to her formidable turns in Atomic Blonde and Mad Max: Fury Road, would make the perfect female 007. Others have suggested X-Files star Gillian Anderson, who even toyed with the idea on her official Twitter account back in 2016.

While the debate over who should play the next 007 continues to rage on, we are still waiting to hear what will happen with Bond 25. After months of staying quiet, Daniel Craig finally confirmed he will be playing the character one more time, but where the franchise goes after that is anyone's guess.