Halloween Co-Writer Danny McBride Reveals His Favorite Horror Movies

Posted 2017/12/03 1508 0

Danny McBride is co-writing the new Halloween movie, so his favorite horror movies should be on your watchlist!


It might seem a little odd that a comedian like McBride is writing a horror film, but McBride is a longtime horror buff and recently shared some of his favorite horror films to let audiences know someone with good taste was spearheading the anticipated project.

"The Shining and Halloween were always my favorites growing up. We didn't have HBO or Cinemax when I was a kid, but I would record movies still," McBride recalled. "They were just like scrambled signals. I remember one night somehow I had recorded this horror movie called Chopping Mall. All of like six years of me growing up we had this film and it was all scrambled. In some areas the scrambling wasn't too bad, so I would just watch that over and over again. I just loved it. It was just fun."

And what’s the latest news from Mr. McBride about the project? While speaking with the Charleston City Paper, McBride was also asked about his upcoming “Halloween” feature.  He didn’t have a whole lot to reveal, but did discuss what type of film they were hoping to create.

“The original is all about tension. Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) doesn’t even know that Michael Myers exists until the last minutes of the movie. So much of it you’re in anticipation of what’s going to happen and the dread that Carpenter spins so effortlessly in that film, I think we were really trying to get it back to that. We’re trying to mine that dread. Mine that tension and not just go for gore and ultra-violence that you see some horror movies lean on. To us, it was all about bringing back the creep factor and trying to find the horror in your own backyard, in our own homes.”

Halloween stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Judy Greer. David Gordon Green is directing a screenplay from Danny McBride and Green. Blumhouse Productions is producing, with Universal Pictures distributing. Michael Myers returns for more tricks Oct.19, 2018.