IT's Early Reactions Are Here! Check Them Out!

Posted 2017/08/26 2028 0

Critics have seen the movie, let's see what they think about it!


Journalists who saw an early screening of It are writing their early, spoiler-free reactions on social media, and they are overwhelmingly positive.

Just check out CinemaBlend's own Eric Eisenberg's reaction:

He's not the only one who has praised the film, as the social media response has been overwhelmingly positive. Collider's Steve Weintraub applauded IT, and claimed he was ready for the sequel immediately.

Bill Skarsgård's performance as Pennywise has also been praised as truly nightmare-inducing. And considering he's carrying both IT and its planned sequel, fans should rest easy that Tim Curry's iconic character is in good hands.

Fans of both Stephen King's original novel and the miniseries 1990 miniseries should be pleased as well. Because IT apparently takes quite a bit of new inspiration from the book, while also building on a mythos that is so iconic.

The decision to give IT a hard R rating is being praised as well. Ever since Deadpool's success, it seems like studios are no longer worried that an R rating will kill their chances at the box office. And it looks like the choice to follow this trend paid off in IT, allowing the film to be more horrifying than the miniseries could be.

And perhaps the icing on the cake is that critics are praising the film's overall heart. Because while it may be revolving around a creepy clown, IT is focused on family, chosen and biological. The Losers Club first unite to get revenge for Georgie, and end up battling Pennywise's evil for the sake of themselves, and the whole town.

The remake was already on track to earn $60 million dollars on its debut weekend, but the early, overwhelmingly positive reviews might make all of those record-breaking projections even higher.

This is good news for the filmmakers, who were planning on a sequel before the first film was ever made. In the book, about half the action takes place with the seven main characters as children and the other half is set 27 years later – once they have grown up. In order to handle the length of the novel, the plan was always to make two films, one with the characters as children and a sequel with them as adults. Good reactions are a good sign that the movie will do well enough to make that intended sequel a sure thing – as predicted already with the opening weekend projections.

It’s also a win for Stephen King, who could probably use one after the underwhelming critical reactions to this year’s earlier adaption of The Dark Tower. When you have been one of the most successful writers in the world for decades, unfortunately not every film adaption can be a winner. It sounds as though IT is a winner though, and that fans have some amazing scares to look forward to.