Jared Leto Is in Early Talks to Lead Sony’s Bloodshot Movie

Posted 2017/07/25 1425 0

Suicide Squad's Jared Leto is reportedly in talks to star in Sony's film adaptation of the Valiant comic book, Bloodshot.


Leto is in talks to star in Sony’s adaptation of Bloodshot, one project in a proposed five-picture deal between Valiant and the movie studio, according to Deadline. Leto would be playing the titular character.

The movie based on the 1992 Valiant Comics title, created by Kevin VanHook, Yvel Guichet, Don Perlin and Bob Layton. It follows Angelo Mortalli, a former mob hit man double-crossed by the family and framed for murder. Taken into witness protection, he’s betrayed again, this time by the FBI agent who was assigned to guard him, and kidnapped as part of a secret government program. His mind is wiped clean and he’s infused with nanites to turn him into a super soldier with inhuman strength and healing ability.

Fast and Furious producer Neal Moritz is helping put Bloodshot together along with director Dave Wilson. The aim is for it, along with Harbinger, to usher in a Valiant Cinematic Universe. And casting Leto would certainly put a marquee name on the potential franchise.

Also part of this potential Valiant Cinematic Universe will be Harbinger, which centers on Peter Stanchek, "a psionically-charged “harbinger” with the potential to reshape the course of human history. Respected philanthropist and fellow harbinger Toyo Harada recruits him into the Harbinger Foundation where he begins a long road towards a destiny that will shake the very foundations of the Valiant Universe." It has been previously reported that both Harbinger and Bloodshot are expected to spawn sequels, with the title characters then sharing the screen in Harbinger Wars, but it's no longer clear just what the current plan is.

Bloodshot was originally planned to be out this year but, with casting now starting, a 2019 release feels like the earliest.

Leto is no stranger to fantasy and science fiction, especially the superhero genre. His take on the Joker in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad was not well-received by neither critics or fans, so taking the role of Bloodshot could be his chance to make up for his performance as Mr. J and win the fans’ trust. Leto will also appear in Blade Runner 2049, further expanding his territory into the sci-fi genre.