Jennifer Lawrence to Play Fidel Castro’s Lover and Assassin in Marita

Posted 2016/01/23 6557 0

Jennifer Lawrence will star in “Marita”, Sony’s movie about Marita Lorenz, who had an affair with Fidel Castro and was involved in assassination attempt on the Cuban leader in 1960. 

After the success with Joy, a biopic about life of Joy Mangano, an American inventor, business woman, and entrepreneur known for inventions of Miracle Mop, Jennifer Lawrence will soon add another splashy biopic to her resume. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Joy star will next take a turn as Fidel Castro’s real-life former lover and almost femme fatale, Marita Lorenz. 

The true spy story was pitched by writer Eric Warren Singer, who co-wrote American Hustle, and will be produced by Lawrence, Matt Tolmach and Andre Rouleau. 

Marita focuses on how a 19 years-old German-born American, Marita Lorenz met and became romantically involved with the Cuban leader – Fidel Castro in 1959. After becoming pregnant and having an abortion, Lorenz left Cuba and joined anti-communists in America, where she was recruited by the CIA for an assassination mission. In 1960, Lorenz was brainwashed by the CIA to believe that Fidel Castro was the reason that she lost her child. CIA then hired Lorenz to carry out the mission but failed to kill Castro.  

After the fail attempt, Marita Lorenz left the island and never met Fidel Castro again. One year later (1961) in America, Lorenz met and had another affair with deposed Venezuelan dictator – Marco Pérez Jiménez. In this affair, she had a daughter with Pérez Jiménez. The woman has published two biographies (Marita: One Woman's Extraordinary Tale of Love and Espionage from Castro to Kennedy; and Lieber Fidel: Mein Leben, meine Liebe, mein Verrat) and now is living in Maryland.

Eric Warren Singer spent months working on the project, with Scott Mednick and Andre Rouleau, before handing the script to Jennifer Lawrence, who he worked with in American Hustle. According to some sources, the story about a woman who used to be a lover and then an assassin of Fidel Castro has attracted the attention of giant brands like Fox 2000, Warner Bros., Paramount and Annapurna. After a tight competition, Sony Pictures has won the project. Sony hopes to soon find a director for the movie to be launched end of 2017 (depends on the progress).

Cuba has become popular for movie shooting scene and theme after Obama loosen restrictions for Cuba. Before this, there is a news that Fast and Furious 8 hope to be allowed to be shot in Cuba, and the popular series House of Lies announced to shoot some of the episodes here.   

We will meet Jennifer Lawrence again in the next installment of the X-Men series: Apocalypse. Besides, she also plans to participate in many other projects including a movie which has not been named of Darren Aronofsky, costarring Javier Bardem; Lawrence has a plan to write and star in a new movie with her new close friend, Amy Schumer; The movie “It’s What I Do” directed by Steven Spielberg about a female war photographer.