Joséphine s'arrondit: A Funny Movie about Unprepared Parents

Posted 2016/04/22 3806 0

Joséphine s'arrondit promises to bring you laughter as well as meaning life lessons, especially for those who are about to step in the marriage life.

Joséphine s'arrondit revolves around Joséphine (Marilou Berry) a carefree young woman. Joséphine finally found her "perfect-man-non-smoking-good-cook-who-love-cats"! Her life is perfect... 'til she discovers that she's pregnant with her longtime boyfriend. Lots of new hardships await her: new responsibilities, her "depressed-has-been-living-with-her-for-two-years" sister, to find a job, how to keep her guy, not mess up with her friends…

Anxious, confused, unprepared, like other young people, Joséphine and Gilles (Mehdi Nebbou) are torn between two options: to keep the child or not.

The movie mentions everyday worries of the young mothers-to-be as they decide to embark on the motherhood journey but not well-equipped with the knowledge, finance, and especially psychology when one of their most concerns is still getting fat during pregnancy.

Not only that, the movie also reveals some other concerns such as: how to raise your children. Joséphine's mother spends most of her life taking care of the family, therefore she rarely has a chance to enjoy it herself, which makes her become grumpy sometimes. Joséphine does not want to be like that!

So how does she handle it, to become a mother on her own way? How to avoid being a boring one that she always captures in her mind?

Besides, Joséphine s'arrondit also raises other concerns that exits in the minds of young people over the past years: how to reconcile the time for yourself, your friends and family, is it necessary to settle down and have children, can women do whatever they want instead of getting married at young age?

With a meaningful content portrayed through humorous, vivid situations, Joséphine s'arrondit promises to leave you memorable feelings.