Kung Fu Panda 3 Villains Are the Scariest Ever

Posted 2016/03/23 5880 0

Besides the main adorable character Panda Po, villains in Kung Fu Panda series also leave a great impression on its audiences.  

In the third movie of the series, Po still marks his charm on little audiences. Po has shown great improvement on his kung fu skills, however his enemies process greater power and are more evil. The villains in the new movie include:

Kai (The Collector)

Kai appears in Kung Fu Panda 3 as an anthropomorphic yak with green glowing eyes. Many years ago, Kai and Oogway fought together as brothers-in-arms and were close friends. Kai was fascinated by the power of chi and became interested solely in using the chi of others to increase his own power. The two former allies fought and Oogway triumphed, banishing Kai to the spirit realm, where he was imprisoned for the last 500 years. Kai, after back from the spirit realm, still holds the desire to steal chi of Kung fu masters and destroy Oogway’s processions. Kai and his jades minions step by step fulfill his evil desire. 

Kai is the latest and the most powerful villain in Kung fu Panda 3. Kai is known as a legendary warrior, the revenge and the fear of mankind, Kai not only master Kung fu skills but also can come back from the death and use zombies to fight Oogway’s students.


Lord Shen is the main antagonist in Kung Fu Panda 2. He was the son of the royal Peacck family, Shen was intelligent and was obsessed with using the power. He wanted to unite China and eliminate Kung fu forever. The most mentioned weapon of Lord Shen is his powerful guns but Shen himself processes great Kung Fu, he hides sharp swords underneath his feathers.

In the whole movie, Shen, even with his great kung fu skill, was obsessed with kung fu potential of Po and finds every way to kill the last panda. Throughout the film, Shen had been troubled by his fear of Po stopping, even killing him. He was also troubled by the memory of how his family had banished him. The Soothsayer and Po both implored him to stop his actions and find peace of mind and happines.

Tai Lung

Tai Lung was Po’s first enemy. He was found as an abandoned cub by Master Shifu. Shifu raised him as his own son, showered him with love and trained him in the arts of Kung fu. He grew more and more confident in his abilities and believed that he was destined for greatness and would be the Dragon Warrior. However, Grand Master Oogway respectfully refused to let him have it due to seeing a dark potential in his heart.  

After his escape from prison, Tai Lung became the worst fear of the valley and was defeated by Po. Tai Lung is best described as a warrior whose pride and ambition led him down a dark part. Shifu was beaten inside regretting that it was his way of raising Tai Lung that caused him to be so hungry for power and desire to be something greatness. 

Boss Wolf

Boss Wolf or Wolf Boss is the right hand of Lord Shen in Kung Fu Panda 2. When no member of the royal family want to approach the wolf and its siblings, Shen as a prince got close to them and took care of the cubs. It’s easy to understand that Wolf Boss became a loyal servant of Shen and participated in his many acts of evil. 


"Jombies" is the name for "zombies" which Kai brought with him when he came back to life. Jombies are actually chi of kung fu masters whom Kai has stolen from. When not using them to fight, Kai can recall and turn them into charms. They not only process great Kung fu skill but also cannot be harm, the only way to defeat them is to defeat their master – Kai.