John Cena in Talks to Star in Duke Nukem Adaptation

Posted 2018/01/22 0 0

According to The Hollywood Reporter, John Cena is in negotiations to star in a movie adaptation of the Duke Nukem video games.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, wrestler turned actor John Cena is in negotiations to star in the title role in “Duke Nukem,” a big-screen adaptation of the popular video game franchise. Platinum Dunes, the company run by Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller, will produce the movie. No director is on board at this stage. A search for a writer will begin soon to develop a script for what is intended to be a starring vehicle for Cena.

Duke Nukem first appeared in the 1991 eponymous video game, developed by Apogee Software, as a muscular cigar-chomping man who always wears Ray-Bans and sports a flat-top haircut as he fights aliens to save planet Earth by using enormous physical strength and his expertise in firearms. He’s appeared in 19 video games as the title character, most recently in “Duke Nukem 3D: World Tour.” After a long and troubled development cycle, the latest entry in the video game franchise, Duke Nukem Forever, was released in 2011 and garnered a mediocre reception from critics.

Cena made his name as a WWE star before starting another career as a movie actor more than a decade ago with “The Marine” in 2006. His credits include “12 Rounds,” “Legendary,” “The Reunion,” “Trainwreck,” “Sisters,” “Daddy’s Home,” “Daddy’s Home 2,” and “The Wall,” along with voicing the lead character in the animated comedy “Ferdinand.”Cena is starring with Hailee Steinfeld in Paramount’s upcoming Transformers prequel “Bumblebee: The Movie,” with Bay producing.