The It Sequel Is Officially Moving Forward; 2019 Release Date Likely

Posted 2017/09/07 0 0

With IT generating good reviews and positive box office prospects, Warner Bros. and New Line have hired writer Gary Dauberman to start work on the script.


Though the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's IT hasn't quite hit theaters yet, New Line is already making plans for a sequel. THR reports that Gary Dauberman, credited as a co-writer on IT alongside the originally-attached director Cary Fukunaga and his writing partner Chase Palmer, has closed a deal to return as writer of Chapter 2, and that the sequel will likely hit theaters sometime in 2019. Andy Muschetti fully intends to come back as director, although no contracts have been signed on that front just yet. The same producing team of Barbara Muschietti, Roy Lee, Dan Lin, Seth Grahame-Smith, and David Katzenberg are all believed to be back as well.

The first film adapts half the novel in which a group of teenagers battle a shape-shifting child-eating monster who most regularly takes on the form of a sinister clown. The second film is expected to adapt the other half in which the teenagers are now in their early forties and return to the town they’ve tried to forget to finally put a stop to the creature.

It is unknown if Chapter Two will call for the return of the first movie's young stars. Sources indicate that although the story will take place 27 years later, flashbacks may figure into the plot (just as they do in the book), and if those scenes are new, not repurposed ones from the first chapter, new deals may have to be struck with the rising stars. With no script in hand yet, New Line has not yet approached older actors.

There's also no official release date for the follow-up yet, but according to IT director Andy Muschetti, the IT: Chapter Two script should be completed by January, with production likely to begin around March of 2018. Dauberman has become something of a horror go-to, with Annabelle: Creation already out this year, It releasing this week and Conjuring 2 spin-off The Nun headed our way in 2018.