Liam Neeson Set to Play Classic Detective Philip Marlowe

Posted 2017/04/02 0 0

Liam Neeson has attached himself to the spec “Marlowe” to play the iconic Raymond Chandler character Philip Marlowe.


According to Variety, Liam Neeson has attached himself to a developing untitled Marlowe spec script by William Monahan, the scribe behind Leonardo DiCaprio-toplining films in 2006’s The Departed and 2008’s Body of Lies as well as director Ridley Scott’s 2005 Crusades epic Kingdom of Heaven. The project will serve as a reboot of sorts to Raymond Chandler’s paradigm-setting private dick. The Philip Marlowe character, debuted in 1939, has manifested in myriad books, pulp magazines and movies, most famously portrayed by Humphrey Bogart in 1947’s The Big Sleep, along with versions over subsequent decades by James Garner (in a run that inspired The Rockford Files), Eliot Gould and Robert Mitchum.

“The book by Benjamin Black was a pleasure to adapt, and with Marlowe there’s no chance of even being asked to do it left-handed,” Monahan said. “You have to do Chandler justice, carry a very particular flame, or stay home.”

On Liam Neeson joining his project Monahan comments:

“It’s hard to tell who has the more of a lion’s heart and soul, Philip Marlowe or Liam Neeson. I hope I’ve done the both of them and a picture I could not anticipate more some service.”

Here’s what the movie is about, says Variety:

Based on the book The Black-Eyed Blonde by Benjamin Black, the story follows the tough as nails private detective the early 1950s where Marlowe is as restless and lonely as ever, and business is a little slow. That is until a beautiful blonde client comes in and asks Marlowe to find her ex-lover. He soon comes to find out that the ex-lover’s disappearance is just a part of bigger mystery and soon has Marlowe wrapped up with one of the more powerful families in Bay Cities who are willing to go to any length’s to protect their fortune.

Neeson will next be seen in true-life spa saga Felt and action pic The Commuter, the latter of which arrives on 19 January next year.