Power Rangers 2 May Yet Happen, Thanks to Impressive Toy Sales

Posted 2017/05/31 0 0

While the movie wasn't a massive box office hit, record toy sales keeps hope for Power Rangers 2 alive.


Power Rangers wasn’t exactly a flop at the box office, but it probably wasn’t the hit that Lionsgate were hoping for. Its domestic total of $85 million was below it’s $100 million investment, and a poor opening in China meant it only earned $140 million worldwide. As such, news spread that sequels to the movie (seven were planned at one point) were to be scrapped.

However, a report by Toy News states that NPD data has Power Rangers listed as the number one action figures brand, with a massive increase in sales this past year. In the last year to date, figures are up 122.8%, with April 2017 listed as an increase of 185.9% on the same month in 2016. That puts Power Rangers as the 11th best seller across all toy properties. In fairness, those figures cannot all be attributable to the Power Rangers movie; Power Rangers: Ninja Steel has enjoyed huge popularity on Nickelodeon this year, with a second season, Power Rangers: Super Ninja Steel, confirmed for 2018.

“These are fantastic results testament to the strength of the Power Rangers brand, which at the end of April, ranks 11th across all toy properties,” said Tess Parsons–Broome, marketing manager at master toy partner, Bandai. “Power Rangers has proven its position not only as a classic brand but as a must-have toy in such a competitive market place.”

It should be noted that this figure includes not just movie action figures but the entire line as well. Still, seeing such a huge growth in sales can only be a good sign for a potential Power Rangers 2. In fact, Power Rangers' toy success might be right in line with what Hollywood needs to keep revenues up. As long as the movie can sell a boatload of toys, Power Rangers 2 might not be totally out of the question. We wait and see.