Marvel's New Iron Man Will Be a Black Teenage Girl

Posted 2016/07/09 8703 0

The sexy actress of "Fast & Furious 7" and "Game of Thrones", Nathalie Emmanuel, is supported by many fans to play the role.


A few days ago, Marvel announced that Tony Stark would be walking away from his latest suit of power armor. His replacement is going to be Riri Williams, an extremely talented student who attended M.I.T. on scholarship.

What started as a challenge for herself ended up becoming a secret project to create her own suit of armor, in a manner similar to the Iron Man Armor. After weeks of work, Riri finally created a working prototype, using mainly stolen material from campus. When she was showing it to a dorm mate, campus security knocked at her door to inquire her about her recent suspicious activities, prompting her to don the suit of armor.

After flying around the country trying to get the hang of her suit's flying capabilities, Riri intercepted a couple of inmates escaping from the New Mexico State Penitentiary. She managed to stop the speeding truck they were using as a escape vehicle, but at the cost of her armor's integrity.

She quickly attracts the attention of billionaire Tony Stark. Our Iron Man discovers her talents and decides to pass on his responsibilities to save the world to Williams.

Giving a black girl one of the most recognizable names in the Marvel universe and turning her into a flagship hero is a monumental move for the comic book company, one that will affect more than just Marvel’s future comic book stories.

Riri Williams’s ascension to Iron Man status comes amid Marvel’s ongoing push for more diversity in its titles, which has already given us a black Captain America, a female Thor, a Muslim American Ms. Marvel, and a black-Latino Spider-Man. That push has been met with applause from fans who want to be included, praise and recognition from critics, and prickly criticism from comic purists who believe their beloved titles have been shunted aside for gimmicks and stunts.

There are a few potential young stars for the role such as Nathalie Emmanuel (Fast & Furious 7, Game of Thrones), Zendaya (singer/actress in Shake It Up and K.C. Undercover) and Sonequa Martin-Green (The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time and Courtney on The Good Wife).