Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants to Play Another Batman Villain

Posted 2017/04/06 0 0

Joel Arnold Schwarzenegger, best known to Batman fans as Mr. Freeze from Batman & Robin, is “absolutely” up for playing another Batman villain.


Speaking with Fandango, Schwarzenegger gleefully answered when quizzed on whether he would return to Gotham City:

"Absolutely! I think all of those movies, if they're written well, they're entertaining. If it's Batman or Batman and Robin, or X-Men or Spider-Man -- all of them. If they're written well, they have a great life. People enjoy them, and you can see the grosses that they make worldwide. So, yes, of course I would."

Not that it would be easy to forget, but in case you don't remember, Arnold Schwarzenegger played Mr. Freeze in 1997's Batman & Robin. In the movie, audiences watched with a mixture of horror and amusement as the action star suited up as Mr. Freeze. The icy villain was not so much terrifying as he was quippy with his puns - and some fans now find joy in the campy role. However, if Schwarzenegger had the chance, the star would be willing to redeem himself in the eyes of DC Comics diehards.

However, considering “Batman & Robin’s” cold, dark place in the history of the franchize, Schwarzenegger is probably no more likely to receive a call from Warner Bros. than is Joel Schumacher, who has made peace with the film, and its infamous Batsuit nipples. “I think that will be on my gravestone,” the director said in 2014. “It’s how I’ll be remembered.”

The movie was a tremendous failure in every way imaginable. The movie currently holds a terrible 11 percent approval rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, with a truly awful 16 percent audience score to go with that. The movie also tanked at the box office, bringing in just $238 million, working from a very high $125 million production budget.

Arnold Schwarzenegger can next be seen in Aftermath. He has recently abstained from signing up with The Expendables again until Sylvester Stallone changes his mind about ditching the franchise.