Shazam Confirmed to Release in April 2019

Posted 2017/10/21 0 0

As expected, the Shazam movie looks to be released in 2019.


Director David F. Sandberg has confirmed that Shazam! will be released in April 2019 while participating in a Reddit Q&A.

Considering WB’s track record with their production schedules for their DC films, this is hardly a huge surprise, but it is great to finally get confirmation on this. Just a few months ago, it was unclear if this movie was even going to happen, so to have it set to hit theaters in a year and a half is welcomed confirmation. He did not specify that the April 5, 2019 date is the definitive date, so things could still shift a bit, but it looks like this will be the film’s actual release date after all. With this release date now confirmed, it will put Warner Bros. closer to being on their hopeful track of releasing three DC films a year. They’ve released two in a calendar year once before in 2016 with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, and will do so again this year with Wonder Woman and Justice League. 2018 will be a slower year with only Aquaman hitting theaters before 2019 comes back strong with Shazam! to start the year and Wonder Woman 2 closing it out.

Sandberg also replied that he will be busy with Shazam and won't be doing more horror movies for the moment, but wants to eventually.

“I want to do more horror but right now I'm doing a DC movie. Very few cars/planes in it though.”

Shazam! is currently in pre-production and is still in its casting phase. Set to shoot from February until May in Toronto, Ontario, the DCEU film was thought to star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as longtime Shazam! foe Black Adam, until it was revealed the character would instead feature in his own solo film. The villain of WB’s Shazam! movie hasn’t been revealed.